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Difficulty II-III
Length 9.2 Miles
Gauge N/A
Flow Range FT
Flow Rate as of: 1 second ago N/A
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River Description

This stretch is hardly ever paddled, but is a great novice run with a few spots that will certainly challenge newer boaters. There are a plethora of class 2-2+ rapids with fun moves to make as well as a handfull of class 3 rapids that are quite nice. Combine that with several tight and suprisingly picturesque gorges and you have a great canoe/kayak trip. The best part about this run is that it can be paddled down to around 500cfs on the new gauge described above. 800cfs is a good level and 1000-1200 will be a little juicier but not really any harder. (Ed note - the gauge referred to is no longer in service - not sure how to convert to the current gauge)

One can putin at TN 73, but a nice putin that cuts out a few miles of less quality flatwater is located at the confluence of Webb Creek, near the City Hall of Pittman Center. Run this for around 6 miles down to the top of Richardson Cove for a trip of moderate length. There are few pullouts at Richardson Cove, but there won't be any other boaters crowding them either.

After puting in, the river starts in some nice shoals and turns before entering the most complex rapid on the river. There is some house construction on both sides of the river signifying the rapid, which contains a few house sized boulders and some fun and tight lines. Its class 3, but quite interesting in a canoe. After this is a flat stretch before the creek crosses under the road.

From here it is a blur, with a few more bridge crossings. The main road does for the most part stay on the river left side all the way to the takeout from here. When the river leaves the road for a while there are some great bends that take you away from the development and into some pretty places. The bedrock is nice in many spots, adding both to the character of the rapids and scenic value. There is second home development in many spots, but for the most part is tastefull and (relatively) unobstrusive.

Near the end of the run is the big one, a powerful constriction within massive sloping bedrock walls. This one has some tricky pin rocks in center, but they are no big deal with good water. Watch the river left wall at the bottom.

Immediately below, eddy out and check out the neat swimming/hang out area here. This is a great place to soak in the area before finishing with a short paddle down to Richardson Cove, where the Middle Prong finally succumbs to the Tennessee Valley and its limestone geology.

All in all, this is a suprisingly fun run and it goes when most everything in the park is gone. If you are a newer boater or have friends in that boat, and elbow to the y is getting a little old, try this one out. It runs just as often, and when the Little Pigeon above Sevierville is around 800 there usually isn't anything else going anyway. You can always take a 17' tandem canoe to make things more interesting.


Rapid Descriptions


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Reed Schneider
2 months ago

Ran this section 4/24/20 with Dad and Kat. Sevierville gauge was at 1300 cfs, Little River gauge at 2.78. This run was good to go. Could benefit from a little more water but was manageable at this level. Put in at Webb Creek and ran down to Richardson Cove. Mostly class I-II with an occasional III to keep you on your toes. Handful of good play waves and squirt spots as well. Most of the best rapids are out of sight of the road. Not a bad run, especially with the park being closed at the moment. -RS

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11 years ago

I've ran this river several times a week for over a month and there is no real obstructions.Right b 4 you get to the covered bridge there is a tree down but it's not a problem unless the water is low.Happy Boating!

Gage Descriptions

For most of modern paddling history the TVA gauge Little Pigeon at Sevierville has been used to speculate on flows on the Middle Prong. 2000 cfs was a good indicator for a reasonable run. For a while there was another gauge Little Pigeon above Sevierville that was closer and thus more accurate. That gauge is no longer in service; so we're back to the old one.  Please post any feedback, observations or send an e-mail to to help fine tune this.


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