Mullens Creek - Prentice Cooper State Park to Mullens Cove

Mullens Creek, Tennessee, US


Prentice Cooper State Park to Mullens Cove

Usual Difficulty IV-V(V+) (for normal flows)
Length 4 Miles

River Description

Steven Hunt says:
"There are multiple IV+ rock-garden rapids with at least one 5.1 near the beginning of the run. Combine that with the remote location and I'd call it a IV+/V- run on par with the Cain Creek / North Chick sequence in difficulty."






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Rapid Summary

Mile Rapid Name Class Features (Legend)
0.0Typical Mullens RapidIII+Waterfall Photo
0.0Mullens Typical boogie dropWaterfall Photo
0.0Typical undercut Mullens mankPhoto
0.0typical boulder chokesPhoto

Rapid Descriptions

Typical Mullens Rapid (Class III+)

Mullens 6

Mullens 6
Photo of Mullens Creek by Jeff Johnson c/o Mark Cumnock taken 1992 @ low

Typical Mullens Rapid

Mullens Typical boogie drop

Mullens Creek Photo 1

Mullens Creek Photo 1
Photo by Jeff Johnson taken 1992 @ low

another typical Mullens rapid, and move with boulder mank

Typical undercut Mullens mank

mullens creek _3

mullens creek _3
Photo of mullens creek by jeff johnson c/o mark cumnock

This is a-typical of what you will deal with in the gorge

typical boulder chokes

mullens creek_6

mullens creek_6
Photo by jeff johnson c/o mark cumnock taken 1992 @ low

User Comments

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April 25 2017 (422 days ago)
albiekayak (159031)
Log river wide in top 1 mile boogie section leading to first rapid.
August 11 2006 (4332 days ago)
mark cumnockDetails
I found these pictures stuck in box, the pictures were taken by Jeff Johnson in 1992 on a scouting
trip he performed when the creekin scene was taking off in the S.E., he gave them to me after he
decided the run might be on the tough side.

From what I remember from Mullens was that it was Manky and long and nothing stood as a killer run
when compared to Henderson, Brush, or Morgan Creek.

What I do remember though that access is protected as long as it isn't Turkey season, that's when
the access is limited in the park

Mark Cumnock
February 23 2004 (5232 days ago)
from Clay Wright:
Mullens is boulder-choked 4 and some 5

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