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Difficulty II-III+(IV)
Length 28 Miles
Gauge N/A
Flow Range
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River Description

This is an old remnant; we're not sure what whitewater there is through here. For the Spring Creek Gorge run, click here.

Rapid Descriptions


No Gage

Gage Descriptions

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Directions Description

Takeout: Head North out of Cookeville, TN, on Willow Ave (Exit 286 off I-40) You will travel about 5 miles out of Cookeville or so. You will enter Jackson County, then pass a school, and then a church. The road turns left, with a road heading straight. Take the road that is straight in front of you. After a mile the pavement ends, and then you head down into the gorge. Go all the way to the creek and turn right. Turn left at the split, across the bridge. Follow this road up the creek until you come to a house with a footbridge leading across the river. Park in the pull-off for the bridge. At the request of the landowner, leave a note on your dashboard that says "kayaking". His name is Gabe, and he is a nice guy. You can also use his boat ramp to take out on. Leave as few cars as possible here, and don't tear up the grass, or leave trash, or get naked, or drink beer, or leave you dog, or anything you wouldn't want someone doing in your front yard. Remember, this is private property, and you have no right to be there. It is only by his kindness we are allowed to park there. There is no public access to this creek.

Putin: From the takeout head back the way you came, downstream. Keep following the road along the river, until you come to a road that heads right across a bridge. Turn and go over the bridge, heading up the road. Follow this road for several miles until you see Waterloo Falls Rd on your right. It angles off to the right, and uphill. Take this to the bottom of the hill and turn right on the gravel road just before the bridge. Take the right split, not the one with the gate, the next one. Park by the top of the falls. Either run the falls, or walk your boat back up the hill, turn down the road with the gate, carry around on the left side, follow the driveway down, turn left on the trail, and head down the metal staircase. This leads to the river just below the falls.

Putin to Cookeville, and I-40: Head back out to the paved road and turn right. Cross the bridge and continue to the stop sign. Merge with the road there, it will be Washington Ave back in Cookeville.
Follow this road into town, and follow the signs to I-40. This will not be the same way you came in, but will work.

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