Frio - FM 1050 to First Crossing (SH 127 at Concan) (12 miles)

Frio, Texas, US


FM 1050 to First Crossing (SH 127 at Concan) (12 miles)

Usual Difficulty II-III (for normal flows)
Length 12 Miles
Avg. Gradient 14 fpm

3 foot Falls

3 foot Falls
Photo of Monty running small falls (almost lost it!) by Monty Driver @ High; 1000cfm

Gauge Information

Name Range Difficulty Updated Level
Frio Rv at Concan, TX
usgs-08195000 200 - 10000 cfs II-III 01h00m 150 cfs (too low)

River Description

Normally a scenic day trip, this section of the Frio also has numerous playspots at higher levels.  At low flows, it is also popular with swimmers and tubers.

Difficulty rating is taken from Texas Whitewater and paddler beta.  Some rapids described below are not yet rated due to lack of information.

Distances and gradient measured using GIS tools in 2015.

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Rapid Summary

Mile Rapid Name Class Features (Legend)
0.0FM 1050 BridgeN/APutin
2.7Low-Head Dam (Garner State Park)N/A
3.2CR 350 (Old Leakey Rd) Low-Water Crossing (Mager's Crossing)N/A
7.6CR 348 (River Rd) Low-Water Crossing (Seven Bluff Crossing/Third Crossing)N/A
8.0Low-Head DamN/APortage Hazard
8.1Unnamed RapidII
8.6The ChuteIIPlayspot
9.0Comanche CrossingIIPlayspot
9.5CR 348 (River Rd) Low-Water Crossing (Kenneth Arthur Crossing/Second Crossing)N/AHazard
10.8The FallsN/AWaterfall
12.0SH 127 Bridge (Neal's Crossing/Concan Crossing/First Crossing)N/ATakeout Hazard

Rapid Descriptions

FM 1050 Bridge (Class N/A)

Parking is available in the highway right-of-way on the south (downstream) side of the highway on either side of the bridge (the land on this side of the road is part of Garner State Park.)

Low-Head Dam (Garner State Park) (Class N/A, Mile 2.7)

Texas Whitewater suggests running far left.

CR 350 (Old Leakey Rd) Low-Water Crossing (Mager's Crossing) (Class N/A, Mile 3.2)

Not known to be hazardous

CR 348 (River Rd) Low-Water Crossing (Seven Bluff Crossing/Third Crossing) (Class N/A, Mile 7.6)

At "normal" (recreational) flows, river left and center forms a slide, and far river right forms a runnable drop, but at higher flows, the drop turns into a retentive hydraulic.

Low-Head Dam (Class N/A, Mile 8.0)

Up to about 1500 cfs, the dam forms a runnable slide with a small hydraulic at the bottom.  At higher levels, it is known to be deadly.  Portage on river left.

Unnamed Rapid (Class II, Mile 8.1)

The entire river narrows and takes a jog to the left through some trees.  At high flows, watch for strainers here.

The Chute (Class II, Mile 8.6)

Limestone features constrict the river, forming a wave train at about 800 cfs and higher.  The first wave is surfable.

Comanche Crossing (Class II, Mile 9.0)

If the river is running at 1500+ cfs, this low-water crossing creates at 50-yard-wide play hole that gives up spins.  At 2500+, it becomes one of the best play holes in Texas, deep enough for areal moves.

CR 348 (River Rd) Low-Water Crossing (Kenneth Arthur Crossing/Second Crossing) (Class N/A, Mile 9.5)

Low-water bridge, generally passable at "normal" (recreational) flows.  If there is insufficient headroom under the bridge, portage at river left.  If water is over the bridge, it can be run at river left, with caution.

S-Turn (Class II, Mile 10.5)

Straightforward rapid with a small boulder garden drop in the middle.

The Falls (Class N/A, Mile 10.8)

3.5' drop that is runnable river right at all levels.

SH 127 Bridge (Neal's Crossing/Concan Crossing/First Crossing) (Class N/A, Mile 12.0)

Bridge is known to be hazardous at high levels, but a new bridge is being constructed that may alleviate that issue.  Take out at river left.

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