Ogden, South Fork - 01. Causey Reservoir to Huntsville

Ogden, South Fork, Utah, US


01. Causey Reservoir to Huntsville

Usual Difficulty I-III+ (varies with level)
Length 7 Miles

Gauge Information

Name Range Difficulty Updated Level
usgs-10137500 120 - 800 cfs I-III+ 14d23h20m 154 cfs (running)
The crux still has some fun eddy hopping as low as 120 cfs; it is bumpy though. Gauge (137 sq.mi. drainage) is near the take-out for this reach, thus should accurately show actual flow in this reach.

River Description

In the lower part of the run there is 150 yards of roadside III+/IV-, which splits the run into an upper section that is more beginner friendly, then the lower section, which can pack a punch at higher water. This stretch can be portaged, or you can just set your shuttle above it if you want. Below there is hard to scout without going into some private campgrounds; please be courteous.  

Lower section: Botts Campground (or a dirt turnout just downstream) is a good putin if you are mainly interested in the harder stretch. There is a rock spire on the left that lets you know the action is about to pick up. The takeout is on 10450 East, immediately above a diversion dam. Its 1.5 miles from Botts to the crux, and 2.7 from Botts to the 10450 East takeout. Private land is an issue all along this run.  In 2011 there was a riverwide log in the private campgrounds below the crux, but on April 25, 2015, this log was gone. There is a heavy wood load on this run, and wood is likely to move with each new seasonal high on the gauge. 4/22/2018, The crux down to the 10450 East takeout was good to go, although a couple half-river logs keep you on your toes in the class 2. The takeout eddy above the bridge on the right is better than below the bridge, where there is not much of an eddy.  

Upper section: In 2014 a new riverwide fence was reported below the Memorial Park.
If Causey is spilling well, you can put in right below Causey (but any riverwide fences will be in play). From a dirt road, hike down the hill to the river. Below the Memorial Park is all private land and can't be bank scouted. Boat scout carefully for wood. There are remains of an old fence that appears to have crossed the river at one point. 

If Causey is not spilling, put in a couple miles downstream at Willows campground. This should avoid the known riverwide fence also. Below Lower Meadows and above South Fork campground, the river bends left away from the road, then bends back right, where an "almost good" surf wave is a spot to be on your game. This could be a good surf wave with a little work; there is a concrete wall on the right; perhaps its a diversion structure. Botts or Magpie are possible takeouts. At 1000 cfs there is a low limbo bridge below Magpie.  If you are wanting to scout or portage the crux of the lower section below Botts, keep an eye out for a private bridge, and the rock spire on the left. Take out while you can see the road. Causey to Magpie is 4.6 miles. Causey to the 10450 East takeout is about 6.5 miles. This can take longer than you might think, especially if it gets cold, as it doesn't move that fast. 

The National Weather Service flood stage is 4.6 feet, about 850 cfs. 

A teacup diagram of the Pineview and Causey reservoir levels can be found here:

You can choose Causey Reservoir at these links, then choose graph or data, and which data you want: storage, elevation, releases (this does appear to include the release into the stream), and inflows. 
Upper Colorado Reservoir Data- 
Causey Top of Active Storage is 5692 feet. 
https://www.usbr.gov/rsvrWater/rsv40Day.html > Causey, has the last 40 day elevation data in a table. 
Evidently the Causey pool elevation can reach 5692.45 (May 12, 2015) and still not spill, and the teacup diagram will say 101% full. 

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Last Updated: 2018-05-11 22:52:24

Rapid Descriptions

icon of message No rapids entered. If you know names, and locations of the rapids please contact and advise the StreamTeam member for this run.

User Comments

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May 7 2018 (256 days ago)
DaveSLC (157141)
They must have heard you! No fences and only one river wide log easily seen and portaged in May
2018. 175 cfs is plenty of water for packrafts. We put in at the dam.
May 19 2014 (1705 days ago)
There is a fence across the River about 1-1.5 miles downstream of the Weber Country Campground that
is right below Causey Reservoir. You cannot pass threw the river and there is private land on both
sides. There is most likely a second piece of fence just below the first but we had to walk out.
The entire river is fenced off including a tributary that flows in on river right making it
difficult to walk around the fence. Walking out requires trespassing on farmland and through cattle
pastures. If you are driving to Causey: when you take the turn at the Red Cliff Restaurant onto
Causey Rd., the fence will almost directly line up with first drive way you pass. If you want to do
this section, I would suggest USFS Willow Campground as a put in to avoid the private land and
river-wide fence. I have contacted several organizations and government officials about this
dangerous fence.