Provo - 06. Deer Creek Reservoir to Vivian Park

Provo, Utah, US


06. Deer Creek Reservoir to Vivian Park

Usual Difficulty II (for normal flows)
Length 17.5 Miles

Gauge Information

Name Range Difficulty Updated Level
usgs-10159500 200 - 1000 cfs II cfs

River Description

This is the most scenic class 2 section along the Wasatch Front. The water tends to be cold; I believe it comes off the bottom of Deer Creek. Popular for tubing, rafting, beginner kayaking, and its a great SUP run too. 

Be careful at the railroad bridge. Stay right. There have been some bad accidents here; if unsure or with small kids, do the easy portage on the right. 

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Rapid Descriptions

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User Comments

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June 25 2006 (4529 days ago)
Doug HeymDetails
There is a nice class 2 run from below the dam to the first rest stop/park below the dam. Just
below the park, is a private lot with camping trailers/camps that let's you park for $5. There is
also a rafting outfitter here that runs the same stretch. I paid them $5 to haul me and my boat to
the put-in and didn't need to pay the $5 parking fee.
June 2 2006 (4552 days ago)
edward clarkDetails
Pogo's Dead. Some major alterations by Natural Resources have eliminated the pool and drop.
However, this is the famed bridal veil section and still offers some excellent class III-IV
paddling. The crux in bridal veil is the last left hand turn below the site of the old tramway.
Scout it as wood often collects there. Everything downstream is straight forward. Be aware of a
river wide log after the last footbridge crosses the river. You can sneak through the left channel
but it's not entirely obvious.

Flows: It seems like the CUWCD changes their website every year. Currently, flow can be calculated
from this site:

Add "Murdock Canal", and the "Murdock over Weir" values. I am sure once the
water mastrs know were onto this they'll change it again.
August 10 2005 (4848 days ago)
Trip Report - Pogo Hole, Provo River, Utah by DavidWeber, Mar 19 2002, 17:04 GMT

First test in a series of proposed trip reports.


Over the past two weeks, Ken and I have been going to Pogo hole on the Provo which is in right now
because of maintenance. Thanks to some hole tuning by one of our local paddlers, Billy, the hole
has been providing some excellent early season play. The levels have been in the 200 CFS region,
with construction continuing on the Salt Lake Aqueduct which usually draws water from the river and
diverts it past Pogo. Billy had removed some rocks from the lower dam to lower the pool height,
which made for a better pile to work with and removed the green water trough that had been barely
present on the first day we went.

For those of you who don't live in the SLC area, Pogo hole is a man-made hole on the Provo river.
Originally Pogo was a river-wide U-shaped ledge hole formed by a series of placed boulders. Over
time, the banks of the river have widened significantly, changing the nature of the hole and
requiring it to be tuned regularly to accommodate erosion and water levels. If you look at the
photo of the hole below, you can see on the immediate river left and river right sides of the hole
two triangular shoals. The downstream edge of each triangle is formed by the original ledge that
formed the hole when it was first created. The upstream edge is formed by the rock piles which have
been built up to re-focus the flow of water and increase the height of the upstream pool. The rock
pile closest to the camera also has another diversion dam to the right of the branch. A larger
version of this image is available here ( image 203 K ).

Randy Nate, another local boater, has done a lot of the work on this hole over the last several
years, and is arguably "the expert" on the Pogo hole.

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