Big Reed Island Creek - U.S. Route 221 to New River (Route 693)

Big Reed Island Creek, Virginia, US


U.S. Route 221 to New River (Route 693)

Usual Difficulty I-III (for normal flows)
Length 20 Miles

BRI between Rt. 753 and Greasy Creek

BRI between Rt. 753 and Greasy Creek
Photo taken 05/12/17

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Last Updated: 2017-05-15 15:19:37

Rapid Descriptions

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July 1 2016 (870 days ago)
dmingia (158375)
From 221 to Double Cabin Rd was a breeze. Easy in but a little difficult getting the canoe out at
the bridge at Dbl. Cabin Did it in a 14ft canoe with a friend I have never paddled with and it went
easy as pie. Took less than 3 hr but we paddled. I am guessing drifting or tubing would take 3-4.
June 5 2011 (2723 days ago)
Matt WellsDetails
First Descent of Hole in the Wall Falls in a sit on top Torrent kayak by Ron Wells on 5.21.11. This
unintentional descent was a clean run of the 15' class V slide with a perfect boof over the sieve,
rail slide a log and stick the eddy before the second drop (portaged). Not recommended. DO NOT
ENTER THE TUNNEL or risk commitment to this blind drop. Check out the photos. Front half of red
kayak is still in the sieve and pieces of the back half are laying to the left of the falls. We
were extremely lucky to walk away from this accident with only a broken boat.
June 5 2011 (2723 days ago)
Matt WellsDetails
WARNING: There is a tunnel on river left about 9 miles into this run after putting on at HWY 221
according the Corbett book. DO NOT ENTER THE TUNNEL in a kayak or canoe. The water is very swift at
the entrance and once you are inside there is not enough room to swing a paddle. The 40' long
tunnel ends with a sudden class V drop 15' into a nasty strainer/sieve then over another 10'
cascade level IV and rocky. This tunnel and falls also cuts off over a mile of river that makes a
hairpin turn. The Greasy Creek takeout where 765 and 764 intersect is in that hairpin bend of river
and you will be well beyond the takeout Corbett recommends and on private property. TAKE CAUTION!

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