Stony Creek (New trib.) - Jefferson National Forest (Route 635) to New R. (Route 684)

Stony Creek (New trib.), Virginia, US


Jefferson National Forest (Route 635) to New R. (Route 684) (Big Stony Creek)

Usual Difficulty III-V (for normal flows)
Length 7 Miles

River Description

Virginia Whitewater, Roger Corbett. called Big Stoney or Stoney Creek
Dan Mirolli:
Things happen fast on this creek. While it's not really steep, it's very continuous with more broaching and pinning spots than most creeks I've been on. At a low level (under a foot) it's a blast, and still moves really fast, but the holes aren't as bad and the crazy cross currents are managable. Approaching a foot this creek gets pretty difficult. I think more difficult than some of the steeper creeks I've run. Strainers are a big problem on this creek so please look it over carefully before attempting it. There are many places that look like a simple wave train but that have concealed trees. There's also a very bad rock sieve that is just under the water at about 6-9 inches.

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Last Updated: 2001-07-06 06:11:44

Rapid Descriptions

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March 27 2012 (2401 days ago)
IanFuze (154187)
Checked this out the other day. Walker Creek gauge was at 2400 and Big Stoney was running. (Walker
flows into the New directly across from Big Stoney). Lots of wood especially above the jefferson
sign but this creek is definately worth cleaning. Lots of fun at high water... We put in at the
national forest sign (the small one on the left about a quarter mile before the Cherokee sign) and
took out at the big corner rapid because there was too much wood below clogging a couple nice

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