Buffalo Creek - Effinger (Route 251) to Buffalo Forge (Route 70)

Buffalo Creek, Virginia, US


Effinger (Route 251) to Buffalo Forge (Route 70)

Usual Difficulty I-II+(III) (for normal flows)
Length 12.5 Miles

Gauge Information

Name Range Difficulty Updated Level
Buffalo Creek (VA) at Murat IFLOWS SG/RG
noaa-murv2 3.70 - 5.50 ft I-II+(III) 04h16m 2.9 ft (too low)

River Description

This run usually begins on Colliers Creek at the Effinger Fire Department.  Usually the Fire Department is very quiet.  Park away from the building and be respectful.  It is possible to put in further upstream on Colliers Creek at higher levels.  About 1/4 mile downstream of the put-in, Colliers Creek merges with Buffalo Creek which comes in on river right.

The first takeout possibility is at the Route 251 bridge at Murat on river left.  Obey posted signs and stick close to the bridge.  Do not block the gravel driveway that goes down to the creek.  

The run can be extended down to the low bridge at Mateer Road (Rte. 670).  This bridge must be portaged to continue downstream.  This section of the creek can have questionable water quality during boatable flows due to the large dairy farm that a feeder creek passes through.

The next low bridge occurs at Zollmans Mill Road (Rte. 674).  It may be possible to run under this bridge at lower levels, but portage is probably needed.

There are several more low bridges further downstream on the run that will require portage.  Most of these will offer good options to set shuttle for put-in or take-out depending on the desired run length.  The final take-out is prior to where Buffalo enters the Maury River on Millers Landing Road at a concrete driveway low-water bridge.

There is an online gauge for this section at the following website http://water.weather.gov/ahps2/hydrograph.php?wfo=rnk&gage=murv2.  3.7 feet on the Buffalo Creek Murat gauge would be considered kayaking zero level with significant bumping on the Colliers Creek portion.  Above ~4.5 feet you will be able to put together a longer run with more of Colliers Creek upstream. 

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Rapid Summary

Mile Rapid Name Class Features (Legend)
1.6Murat LedgeIIIPhoto

Rapid Descriptions

Murat Ledge (Class III, Mile 1.6)

Murat Falls

Murat Falls
Photo by Kurt Sisson taken 03/08/13 @ 3.20 ft

As Route 251 leaves the right bank and starts uphill you will see a horizon line approaching.  This creek wide ledge is an abrupt 4 foot drop that is most easily run on river left at lower levels.  At higher levels both sides of ledge can be run.

User Comments

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March 8 2015 (1410 days ago)
skvech (155152)
The gauge has been fixed. Recommended new bare minimum is 3.7 feet. That equates to about 1 foot of
water over the bridge pier footing at Murat.
March 8 2015 (1410 days ago)
skvech (155152)
In Late Summer 2014, the online Murat gauge seems to be reading higher than it did previously. Not
clear if this is a malfunction or not and will try to contact the gauge maintenance people about
this soon. Deleted the recommended levels temporarily until this is resolved. Sorry you had to walk
the creek.
August 26 2014 (1604 days ago)
Thompsonj3 (156854)
Ran this section 8/25/2014 gauge reads 4.5 and runnable however it wasn't! Walked a good 2 miles of
the creek.