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Covington - Rappahannock School (Route 622) to Rush River

Covington, Virginia, US


Rappahannock School (Route 622) to Rush River

Usual Difficulty II-III (for normal flows)
Avg. Gradient 40 fpm

VW Rapid Covington

VW Rapid Covington
Photo taken Hurricnaes of 04

Gauge Information

Name Range Difficulty Updated Level
usgs-01662800 175 - 3500 cfs II-III 00h47m 40.7 cfs (too low)

River Description

This is a a great little creek with multiple 2' to 3' ledge drops and a lot of rock gardens, it is very tight so be prepared to make tiny eddies to boat scout.

1' to 3' are great levels. 3' is pushy on such a small creek with constant strainer possibilities.  About 300 yards above the take out there is a great surf hole.


Virginia Whitewater, Roger Corbett or Classic Virginia Rivers, Ed Grove

The Rock Mills takeout can also be used for whitewater sections of the Rush and Thornton. The Thornton requires substantially less water than the Rush.


Ed Evangelidi testifies:
This creek is also runnable well above US 211. There is a nasty cattle fence under the Rte. 622 bridge, so most like to put in here. Note a painted gauge here. Most want about 3” to avoid painting too many rocks going downstream. The major rapid is a narrow tweeze between boat length rocks. The upstream rock on the left blocks a straight shot through the rapid, the downstream rock on the right forces you to turn left just above it and another rock just downstream and to the left requires an immediate downstream turn around the rightmost rock. This is a hard Class-3 move for short boats and a Houdini move for large tandem boats. Very easy to pin here. At high water there is a Class-2 sneak on the right that can also be used as a portage route in low water. The rest of the run is a mix of Class-2 rapids. If the creek is a little too low, try the nearby Thornton River.

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Rapid Descriptions

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June 24 2018 (27 days ago)
bharris (160097)
What a great run! I ran this yesterday when the Battle Run gauge was at about 450 CFS and the
painted gauge on the Thornton (at Rock Mills) was 2.9 feet. This seemed like a perfect level. I
didn't hit any rocks and I could still make the micro eddies to avoid downed trees. THERE IS ONE
TREE TO WATCH OUT FOR. It is early in the run, not too far after the first decent rapid. There is a
sharp blind turn to the right and there's a pine tree with multiple branches all the way across.
Luckily there are a few micro eddies on the left. There was also a log in the chute at VW rock
rapid and a big tree across the river at the top of what I thought was the best rapid, a slide
below the bridge. This rapid can still be run if you walk around the first of two trees. The run is
4.5 miles long (Grove 1992). The directions and title on this page are unclear. I didn't see the
Rappahannock School, 622 crosses the river twice, and the point on the map for the putin seems to
be in the wrong place. The putin is at 38.672875, -78.170387.
June 5 2009 (3334 days ago)
Chris MoylesDetails
Run 06/05/09 - 6" on bridge gauge - Multiple strainers (7) including at the put in, one across the
top of VW rapid and one 100 yards further down at the Boof Slide rapid. Higher levels will push you
into these, both are around blind corners. I will try to get in at low water and remove these ASAP.
One strainer will not be cleared for years, massive Oak below the first drop, 200 yards from the
May 4 2009 (3365 days ago)
Chris MoylesDetails
Gauge was wrong, but is now calibrated to Battle Run, a nearby, comparable watershed; however, when
rainfall is spotty, there are no assurances. Note: This gauge is on a much smaller stream on the
other side of a ridge - email: Chris@fauquierhousing.org if you want a level check, i live nearby.
It has only run (barely) once in 2009.
March 7 2008 (3788 days ago)
x (1)
Upper Section Run March 2, 2008 1 ' at bridge marker- Shade Road to Hunters Road - 3 mile section
*One strainer in eddy 200 yards below Red Shed rapid *One strainer river left at Japanese House
rapid - between 2nd and 3rd ledge- runnable river right or center -left equals pin -
December 2 2005 (4614 days ago)
chris moylesDetails
Run Nov. 29th and 30th 2005-
One big log right at the top of the VW drop-
Can sneak right or boof left (if you are a bit crazy -very tight sequence!

March 30 2005 (4861 days ago)
Chris MoylesDetails
Run March 28-2005 at 1 foot marker at put in-
One three-log strainer 400 yards above Hunter's Mill bridge. Will try to clear it this week.

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