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Feather, N. Fork - 2) Rock Creek Dam to Rock Creek Powerhouse

Feather, N. Fork, California, US


2) Rock Creek Dam to Rock Creek Powerhouse

Usual Difficulty III-V (for normal flows)
Length 8 Miles
Max Gradient 100 fpm

Dancing Boy Tobin - Close up

Dancing Boy Tobin - Close up
Photo by Paul Martzen taken 10/06/05 @ 1000 cfs

Gauge Information

Name Range Difficulty Updated Level
cdec-F57 250 - 2000 cfs III-V 04h35m 952 cfs (running)

River Description


In the decades following construction of the Cresta Project flows were diverted for hydropower and only 50 cfs flowed through this reach of the North Fork Feather.  Spring and winter releases were erratic and nearly impossible to catch. All this changed in June 2001 with the issuance of a new licnese for this project.  The staff and volunteers of American Whitewater, Chico PaddleHeads, and Shasta Paddlers spent more than five years, thousands of dollars, and thousands of hours negotiating the new licence. The new license included increased base flows and recreation boating releases. The base flows were designed to bump up incrementyally every five years. The third five year flow period began in 2015. The practical outcome for paddlers is that the Rock Creek reach, particularly the Tobin and Lobin sections, are now boatable every day in Wet/ Normal and Dry years. For more inforamtion on specific flows, see the flow info tab on this page. 

Although parking is limited there are several alternative access sites as the entire run parallels Highway 70. You can thus start at the top and run the whole section or you can just do a couple laps on the part that best suites your skills and interest. The run is generally divided into 3 sections which each offer a different character. These include Roger's Flat, Tobin, and Lobin.

Roger's Flat Run

Rogers Flat begins below the Rock Creek diversion dam and ends at the Tobin Vista river access. The run is approximately five-miles in length with an average gradient of 50 feet per mile. Overall the difficulty of this run is class III and the character consists of pool-drop rapids separated by intervening sections of calmer water. Although the most challenging rapids can be seen from the road, there are several additional rapids that are difficult to see and there is generally more whitewater on this reach than first appears from a road scout.

Two rapids that should be approached with caution are Lisa's Ledge and Carl's Kitchen both of which are visible from the road and should be obvious as the more challenging drops on the run. Take the center-left channel on Lisa's Ledge which funnels down through a fun chute. There was a fun boof on river right but CalTrans pushed some boulders into the river that have since blocked this route. Carl's Kitchen starts over on river left but you want to work your way back to the right side of this main channel. There is a boulder jumble on river left that you want to avoid. There are several additional fun rapids on this section and you just need to remain heads up for a couple of holes that come up quick.

Keep your eyes open for the take-out on river right unless you are planning to continue on downstream through the more challenging Tobin Run.

Tobin Run

The Tobin section begins shortly after the Tobin Vista access site. The next 1.2 mile drops 150 feet through a large boulder field complete with undercuts and sieves. At higher releases (~1600 cfs) this section moves fast and contains some stomping holes and you should be prepared for a class V experience. At lower releases (~1000 cfs) you have more time between drops and generous eddies, and although many of the moves are class IV+, the consequences of a swim are still very significant. At any level a guide is helpful for your first trip down as the best lines through the rapids are not always obvious. You can view much of this section from the road on river left.

While this section can generally be characterized as a mile of great boofs, there are a couple of named rapids. Kevin's Gate is the rapid under the bridge that forms the entrance to the challenging drops that await below. No Brainer is a great auto boof that comes soon after. Cleaver is a fun drop that runs down the right side. The last drop on this section before the Rock Crest Bridge (the private one-land bridge) is Piece of Risa. You want to start in the main current towards the left and then move your way over to the right before you get to the big undercut boulder at the bottom. Just don't go right too early or you'll find yourself in the nasty bit midway down the drop on the right.

There is a good take-out beach on river left below the Rock Crest Bridge and many take out here to head back upstream and run another lap or two. The rest continue on downstream to the Lower Tobin run, otherwise known as Lobin, which begins downstream of the bridge. Paddlers continuing on down are joined by those who put in for Lobin.

Lobin Run

The Lobin Run starts out with a couple of stout class IV drops but as you pass the Storrie Bridge (where Highway 70 crosses over to river right) the gradient eases and the difficulty level drops to a more reasonable III - IV. Those who don't want to run the first couple drops of Lobin can put-in at the Storrie Bridge. There are several fun rapids through this section. Additional flows enter the river at Bucks Creek powerhouse. Don't hang out in front of the powerhouse as the pipes have 2000' of head on them and in the event of an emergency shutdown the flow would bypass the generator and vent across the river under very high pressure. The good news is you pick up a bit more flow here for the last bit of the run. The final rapid at the Rock Creek Powerhouse can be challenging and varies with flows. Take out on river right downstream of the powerhouse.

The Feather River Canyon is a short drive from most Northern California locations and a high quality resource. The meeting place for runs on this section is Tobin Vista which is 36 miles south of Quincy and 47 miles north of Oroville on Highway 70. Tobin Vista is an access point on river right between the highway and the river located midway down the Rock Creek section of the NF Feather (0.7 mile north of Tobin Resort, 0.5 mile north of the Tobin Bridge, and 4.5 miles south of the Rock Creek Dam). During scheduled releases please stop at the sign-in tent as future releases will be determined by use numbers. Tobin Vista is the break point between easier class III whitewater upstream (the Roger's Flat Run) and more challenging class V whitewater downstream (the Tobin Run). To reach the put-in for Roger's Flat head upstream 4.0 miles to the access located 0.5 mile downstream of the Rock Creek Dam. There is limited parking across the road from the river. For those heading downstream from Tobin Vista go 1.2 miles to the Rock Crest Bridge and a parking area on river left (the bridge is a private one-lane PG&E bridge) which serves as the take-out for Tobin and the put-in for Lobin. If you are continuing down to the Rock Creek Powerhouse go 3.6 miles downstream from Tobin Vista to the powerhouse (the powerhouse extends out over the road) and park on the downstream side along river right.

Other Information Sources:

Feather River; "Stairway of Power"
Rock Creek / Cresta Project is licensed as FERC #1962

StreamTeam Status: Not Verified
Last Updated: 2017-01-05 02:56:57

Rapid Summary

Mile Rapid Name Class Features (Legend)
0.5Lisa's LedgeIII+Photo
1.1Carl's KitchenIII+Photo
3.8CampgroundN/AAccess Photo
4.2Dancing BoyIVPhoto
4.3Kevin's GateIV+Photo
4.4Tobin LedgeIV+
5.0No BrainerN/APhoto
5.3El PatronN/APhoto
5.5Piece of RisaN/APhoto
6.5Buck's Creek PowerhouseN/AHazard Photo
6.6Little KnarleyN/A
8.0Powerhouse RapidIVTakeout Photo

Rapid Descriptions

Lisa's Ledge (Class III+, Mile 0.5)

Lisa's Ledge

Lisa's Ledge
Photo of Jennie Goldberg by Thomas O'Keefe В© taken 10/06/05 @ 1200 cfs

Take the center-left channel on Lisa's Ledge which funnels down through a fun chute. There was a fun boof on river right but CalTrans pushed some boulders into the river that have since blocked this route.

Carl's Kitchen (Class III+, Mile 1.1)

Carl's Kitchen

Carl's Kitchen
Photo by Thomas O'Keefe В© taken 07/29/07 @ 800 cfs

Carl's Kitchen starts over on river left but you want to work your way back to the right side of this main channel. There is a boulder jumble on river left that you want to avoid.   Scout from the road on the way to the put in.

Campground (Class N/A, Mile 3.8)

Meeting Place- Tobin Vista

Meeting Place- Tobin Vista
Photo of Parking area at Tobin VIsta by Paul Martzen taken 10/06/05 @ 1000 cfs

This campground is a take out for the Rodgers Flat section and put in for the Tobin section.   It is also a convenient meeting place for boaters. 

Dancing Boy (Class IV, Mile 4.2)

2nd Drop in Tobin

2nd Drop in Tobin
Photo by Paul Martzen taken 10/06/05 @ 1000 cfs

This rapid can be run far right, center, or down the left.  The classic line is down the left.  This side makes a 90 degree turn and then off a four to six foot drop.  The line requires making a downsteam boof. Following the current and penciling in typicaly leads to a beat down and swim. 

Kevin's Gate (Class IV+, Mile 4.3)

Kevin's Gate

Kevin's Gate
Photo of Tobin Section of the Rock Creek Reach by Dave Steindorf taken 10/18/04 @ 1000 cfs

Entrance drop to the steepest part of the Tobin section of the Rock Creek Run.  Named for Kevin Lewis who was an AW volunteer that made the releases on the Feather a reality.


Tobin Ledge (Class IV+, Mile 4.4)

At release flows this river wide ledge is generaly run far left or far right.  Get sucked to the middle and you are looking for a beat down.  This is also the beginning of the steepest part of the run. If you are having trouble to this point, the road is a short hike away. There is a nice boof center right at low flows.

No Brainer (Class N/A, Mile 5.0)

No Brainer

No Brainer
Photo by Dave Steindorf taken 05/11/12

There are two lines here depending on water level. At low water you make your way back to the left after running PMS.  This line is a narrow slot that as the name implies is a "No Brainer".  Just line it up and paddle off.  At release flows, above 800cfs, there is a great ramp to the right of the big boulder.  The drop above Top left picture is Paddle Management Slot or "PMS".  This is the low flow line and require carefull paddle management.

Cleaver (Class N/A, Mile 5.1)

The Cleaver

The Cleaver
Photo taken 12/27/09

At most flows this can be run left to right, getting a huge sky boof.  Above 1000 cfs it is a straight shot down the right. At all flows, beware the Cleaver rock just downstream of the drop.

El Patron (Class N/A, Mile 5.3)

El Patron

El Patron
Photo by Dave Steindorf taken 10/04/11

At release flows this is generally considered the hardest rapid on the run. At low flows, it is a portage or a push through the rocks.

Piece of Risa (Class N/A, Mile 5.5)

Piece of Risa

Piece of Risa
Photo by Thomas O'Keefe В© taken 10/06/05 @ 1200 cfs

The close-out rapid on the challenging Tobin section of the Rock Creek run. Beware of the pin hazard on the right and the undercut boulders to the left.

Buck's Creek Powerhouse (Class N/A, Mile 6.5)

Buck's Creek Powerhouse

Buck's Creek Powerhouse
Photo by Thomas O'Keefe В© taken 07/29/07 @ 800 cfs

Don't hang out in front of the powerhouse as the emergency release valve can send a jet of water out across the river without warning.

Little Knarley (Class N/A, Mile 6.6)

This is a long class +III rapid below the Bucks Creek Powerhouse.  In 2010 a fatality occured at the bottom of this rapid.

Powerhouse Rapid (Class IV, Mile 8.0)

Powerhouse Rapid

Powerhouse Rapid
Photo by Thomas O'Keefe В© taken 07/29/07 @ 800 cfs

This is the last rapid on the Rock Creek section of the North Fork Feather. It is just below the powerhouse so flows can vary considerably depending on upstream release and the outflow from the powerhouse.

User Comments

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May 31 2018 (79 days ago)
Theresa SimsimanDetails
LOG HAZARD below Lisa's Ledge on Rock Creek Run. It is in the boof line that many people take on
this rapid - log would be on river right. It could create a very bad pin.
August 27 2009 (3278 days ago)
x (1)
Just got back from the release; why are they wasting our water by letting it flow all night long .
24 hours of water should be used over 3 or 4 days not wasted in the dark.
August 4 2007 (4032 days ago)
Chris BellDetails
Hit Your Line at the Top of 'Piece of Risa' Too! In a BoaterTalk thread on the pinning incident
(available at http://boatertalk.com/forum/BoaterTalk/1129154), Mike Fentress describes another
scary incident in 'Piece of Risa', this one starting in a nasty eddy on river left at the top to
the rapid: In case the link ever disappears, the key bit is: "Last month, at the top left of the
same rapid, a boater was swept into the top left eddy just past the entrance. I'm pretty sure he
didn't go there on purpose, as it in no way looks inviting. Anyhow, we were just done with the run,
up on shore, and saw him climbing out of the rocks near the bottom. He had been sucked deep under
the big rock that forms the bottom part of the top left eddy, and came out near the obvious
undercut at bottom left." Mike's conclussion: "I think the description given in AW about the safest
way to run the rapid is right on - enter top left, stay left of center until towards the bottom,
then go right."
July 5 2007 (4062 days ago)
Joel PassovoyDetails
Every year we hear more stories of terrifying spots in the tobin stretch of the N. Feather, and
there is usually an element of surprise in the comments that come along with the photos. Get a clue
folks. This stretch is extremely hazardous, all one needs to see this, is to be observant of the
large number of sieves in the rocks on shore that don't get covered by boating flows. There is no
reason to think that the rest of the channel is any different than the banks. This run is fun and
the moves aren't that difficult, but considerable thought and caution should be exercised before
one goes exploring anything but the tried and true lines.
October 31 2006 (4309 days ago)
Chris BellDetails
<b>Warning! Dangerous Sieve in Piece of Risa!!!</b>
Read about the fortunate outcome to a very scary pin here:
</p><a href="http://www.boof.com/forums/showthread.php?p=11465#post11465">Description of Vertical
Pin in Piece of Risa</a>
In case the link ever disappears, the key bits are: "On the last rapid of the Tobin section,
Piece of Risa, at a flow of 1000 cfs, I ran the rapid on river right. Unsuspectingly, my boat
pinned vertically in a nasty hole that the river has bored into a boulder. This hole can not be
seen at released flows. I had no idea it was there until I landed in it. I was pinned for about
10 minutes until I was able to free myself from the boat . . . I drove back the following day to
remove the boat myself after the flow had been shut off. What I saw scared the shit out of me.
The boat was pinned in a perfect tube through a granite boulder. Big hole at the top, small exit
hole at the bottom. A perfect sieve. Had my kayak gone in at any different angle, the situation
would have been much worse."
What really put my hair on edge was a peek at the photos of the incident and of the sieve at low
</p><a href="http://www.flickr.com/photos/92776479@N00/">Images of Vertical Pin in Piece of
<a href="http://www.flickr.com/photos/77403227@N00/">Images of Sieve in Piece of Risa at Low
Don't do this run without taking a look at these photos first so you'll know what to avoid when
you get to this drop!

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