Moormans - Charlottesville Reservoir to Free Union (Route 601)

Moormans, Virginia, US


Charlottesville Reservoir to Free Union (Route 601)

Usual Difficulty I-III (for normal flows)
Length 13.5 Miles

Sugar Hollow

Sugar Hollow
Photo of Rob Munjal by Ryan Emanuel taken 09/29/04 @ 1.5'-2'

Gauge Information

Name Range Difficulty Updated Level
usgs-02032250 450 - 20000 cfs I-III 00h32m 213 cfs (too low)

River Description

Ed Evangelidi testifies:
A very fine intermediate run similar to many runs on the east side of the Shenandoahs. Steeper above Doyles Run than below.
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Last Updated: 2009-03-19 17:38:00

Rapid Descriptions

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User Comments

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June 18 2018 (218 days ago)
sjjturner (160073)
Saturday we had a group of 5 go on the Moormans. We parked the take out car outside of Camp
Albemarle. on Garth Rd. The Park was locked up so we had to park on the road. we put in down at
Millington Bridge. There were some areas where we scrapped, a small bridge to go over, some great
swimming holes. not sure it will be passable much longer we did have to walk in some rocky shallow
areas, but there weren't any down trees that were impassable. Quite a change from my paddle there
Memorial weekend. 6.3 miles took us about 2 hours 45 min. When we were taking out the guy that
lives up the hill from the Camp yelled at us for loading at the bottom of his driveway. So be
careful where you park.
May 20 2011 (2804 days ago)
Stephen J. EttingerDetails
Ten of us ran the Moormans yesterday, at 600 cfs, from the parking area alongside the river about a
half mile below the reservoir, down to Millington. It was a delightful 8 mile trip, with no fences
and just a few river-wide strainers (all visible well in advance) in addition to all the vegetation
growing in the river itself. Despite the "I-III" rating on this site and the "II-III" in both Grove
and Corbett, we all considered the first few miles a solid class III section. There were two short
bony spots where the river braided, but we had plenty of water elsewhere, so the 450 cfs minimum
seems about right. Below White Hall, there were only two tricky spots. The first, in about a half
mile, is a class III rock garden. The other is right at the take out bridge, where you should skirt
the hole on the left on either side. Take out on downstream river left, and carry to a small
parking area (room for 3 cars). Leave a note on your car telling Mr. Davis (the local landowner)
that you are on the river and hope he doesn't mind your taking out there.
December 1 2005 (4800 days ago)
Case TaintorDetails
The new usgs gage
is online now.
- 5.5 ft. corresponds roughly to a foot at the millington bridge gage
- 6.57 ft. corresponds to about 2.5 feet on the millington bridge gage
October 10 2005 (4852 days ago)
Brett MayerDetails
October 10,2005

A bunch of us ran the Moorman's Gorge Section this weekend. Mark and I had a low water run on
Friday night, when the section below the dam was still running too low. The rain on Friday night
brough prime conditions on Saturday morning and it was full on. We boated down from the third
crossing. There are a few riverwide logs, so if you are headed up this way next time it rains,
scouting is a must. I was impressed by the power of the river at this level... it was running three
feet below the dam. We had a little bit of a hairy situation on the drop right below the third
crossing put in. Also, beware of 4 point bucks traveling down Triple Drop. I would hate to get
stuck by one of those horns!
September 30 2004 (5227 days ago)
Ryan EmanuelDetails
At 1.5'-2' (painted bridge gage in Sugar Hollow), the upper part of this run feels very similar to
the upper Tye. However, the Moormans is narrower, and has more strainers than the Tye.

As long as the water authority continues to impound and divert most of the Moorman's flow (allowing
the trees and brush to grow thick in the river bed), strainers will remain a problem on this