Tye, North Fork - Above Nash to Confluence with Tye R.

Tye, North Fork, Virginia, US


Above Nash to Confluence with Tye R.

Usual Difficulty V (for normal flows)
Length 3 Miles

Cushion, NFT

Cushion, NFT
Photo of Sam Lindblom, Gordon Dalton and Harris Haynie by Wendy Knick taken 06/15/01

Gauge Information

Name Range Difficulty Updated Level
usgs-02027000 1000 - 10000 cfs V 02h02m 16.7 cfs (too low)

River Description

This river description is temporarily down for editing and updating. I'll have it back up asap. Thanks G Dalton

Gordon, I added some approximate lat/lon coords. I don't really know where the best putin is, so I made an educated guess. Could you please look at it and put your local knowledge to work? Thanx.


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Last Updated: 2014-04-03 17:37:47


Rapid Descriptions

icon of message No rapids entered. If you know names, and locations of the rapids please contact and advise the StreamTeam member for this run.

User Comments

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March 20 2010 (2686 days ago)
Gordon DaltonDetails
1) There is a tree across the creek immediately below the boof at "Glide." Probably a walk, but it
could be cut out with a big bowsaw and some effort. 2) The far-left line on the 2nd step/ledge of
Cushion (kind of a sneak) has had some changes: a sieve has opened up to your right as you go
through the slot. It would be easy to fall into the crack. Might be better to run the center line
in the second ledge of Cushion now, but you'll risk the piton in there. Your choice.
December 16 2009 (2780 days ago)
Gordon DaltonDetails
Ran the NFT on 12/14/09 and removed the "stick" from the top part of Cushion (it was actually a
4-foot log!). Also pulled the wood from the drop below Prison Love. Still at least 1-2 wood walks
on the creek. GD
December 14 2009 (2782 days ago)
Gordon DaltonDetails
As expected for any mtn. stream, there is some wood in the NFT right now. On 12/13/09 we needed 2
wood portages and a walk around "Packsaw." We carried a river-level tree in the section above
"Cushion," then carried the large tree in the bottom part of Cushion (we ran the top 2 drops of
Cushion but there is a 1-2" stick in the main/center drop of the 2nd drop, we ran the far-left move
of this part rather than risk the stick. This stick in the center chute looked like it might spear
you in the chest. Note: It might be impossible to see this stick at higher water). There was also a
submerged log in the second drop below "Prison Love." Prison Love is the tight manky boof
immediately below "Glide." We ran over the log with no problems but it had potential to flat pin
someone. There was more wood in the creek but we were able to negotiate it in-boat at this level
(2.7' @ Nash).
March 4 2007 (3798 days ago)
Brett MayerDetails
I recently ran the North Fork of the Tye for the first time with Scott Anderson and Billy
Armstrong. It was a bit below the recommended low. Paksaw is an extremely tight line at low water,
a bit of a guard hole forms in front of one of the undercuts on Entrance, and the rapid below
Glide, 'Boof Right', presented its case with a close call, a near sideways pin. It seems important
to get a good boof exactly on line to thread the two boulders below the boof. It might be a good
idea to set safety at lower water, in case of a pin. The weather was perfect for taking pictures.
We kept a low profile and stayed in the confines of the riverbed.
January 19 2006 (4207 days ago)
Gordon DaltonDetails
Packsaw has changed: the big rock that made the right bank at the final step of the rapid has
fallen into the flow. It now splits the current and makes the move A LOT harder and tighter,
especially at low flows.

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