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Walloomsac - AT Crossing to Park St in Bennington

Walloomsac, Vermont, US


AT Crossing to Park St in Bennington

Usual Difficulty I-III (for normal flows)
Length 4 Miles

Gauge Information

Name Range Difficulty Updated Level
usgs-01334000 550 - 2500 cfs I-III 00h29m 195 cfs (too low)

River Description

To preface this I haven't ran this stretch of river, but I scouted it extensively at 600 cfs on the gauge. At 600 cfs, I'd call it low, low runnable. 

The Walloomsac was one of the VT rivers that got destroyed by Hurricane Irene. It clearly is massively eroded and now has a very large riverbed for a river its size. Here is a video from Irene of the Walloomsac during Irene in Bennington. Therefore, it now often splits into one or two channels around sandy rocky islands - and needs more water to run. 

During the 4 mile stretch I scouted, between the AT crossing and right outside Bennington, there were no significant drops. However, it is pretty much continious class II-III for 4 miles. Very few stops and a shallow riverbed wouldn't make it friendly for beginner-intermediate paddlers, but I can imagine having a bunch of fun at levels above 800 or 1000 cfs on the gauge. There appeared to be one or two nasty holes, but all avoidable. 

The gauge is far below this run - where the Walloomsac continues on from Bennington to Hoosick Falls, NY. I don't know what's in that section - however, there is a class III on it under the rt 22 bridge north of Hoosick Falls. Substantial two-tiered ledge drop. Runnable at 600 cfs. 

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Rapid Descriptions

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October 29 2018 (80 days ago)
Bob MalinowskiDetails
Strainer alert: There is a significant, river wide strainer in a bad location just upstream from
the the tire chain pull off (on the right side of RT 9 if you're driving east from Bennington).
Drive up to the next dirt pull off (on the right), walk the dirt trail downstream about 30 yards,
you'll see the trees that have fallen across right after a Z-turn. This Z-turn blocks your view
when coming down river and you won't see the strainer until it is too late. We will try to clear
this one out this winter, but scout regardless. We've run this stretch a couple of times in the
fall of 2017 and summer of 2018. 1400 CFS makes for a fluid and very continuous class III run.
There are very few eddys and swimming is discouraged. 1650 CFS and above, the river gets very pushy
and I'd consider this more of a class IV run at levels over 1600. It's one giant wave train with
holes that would challenge the average class III boater. If you're putting in at the AT parking
lot, the stretch from there to the white church does collect wood, so scout this section carefully
as well.