Hayfork Creek - 2) 3 mi. W. of Hayfork to Hyampom

Hayfork Creek, California, US


2) 3 mi. W. of Hayfork to Hyampom

Usual Difficulty IV-V (for normal flows)
Length 21 Miles
Avg. Gradient 51 fpm
Max Gradient 105 fpm


Photo of Jon Vengley by Darin McQuoid @ 1000

River Description

This section is an absolute North Coast cassic. The only thing that keeps it from being run regularly is its long distance from any population centers. Hayfork Creek is also a simple run logisticly once you are out there.

The run takes several miles to warm up, but swift current makes the mellow miles go by fast and soon enough you drop into the first set of rapids. The creek never gorges up, but the road is far enough away to give a remote feeling and make hiking out an unpleasent option. With higher flows the portage cleans up and is often run. Plan on spending all day running a river, because that's what this creek really is. A GUIDE TO THE BEST WHITEWATER IN THE STATE OF CALIFORNIA, HOLBEK & STANLEY, 1988

Darin McQuoid's Jefferson State Creeking
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Rapid Descriptions

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