Difficulty II-IV
Length 9.5 Miles
Gauge N/A
Flow Range
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River Description

This run can be divided into a couple of sections. The first half from the 6450 Bridge (just upstream of the Weyerhauser gate) to the 8100 Bridge contains a number of good class II rapids. The one class III rapid is What's That Falls, a river wide ledge that is easy to scout from river left.

Those just looking for a short class II/III run may take out at the 8100 Bridge but for those who want to check out the most challenging drop on this run, you can continue downstream. The river passes through a mini gorge just downstream of the bridge and then you reach the horizon line at Leader Rapids. This boulder garden has a good line down the left and at higher flows you can pick your way through the boulders on river right. A couple more class II rapids follow but then the pace calms down considerably. You can continue on down to the fish hatchery which is about 4 miles of class I floating, or find a take-out along the road. Pay attention to private property though as there are several houses all along this section.

If you continue on down to the fish hatchery you can portage Lower Kalama Falls on river left and continue on with another two miles of great class III/IV down to Red Barn (the Lower Kalama run).

Rapid Descriptions

6450 Bridge

Class - Mile - -20.4

A put-in is available on upstream river right of the bridge. This is the put-in described in Bennett's guidebook for the Gobar Creek to Fish Hatchery Run. It is just upstream of the Weyerhaeuser gate so if you find the gate closed you might as well just park outside the gate, and put-in there.

Weyerhaeuser Gate Access

Class - Mile - -19.9

The Kalama River Road maintained by the county becomes the Weyerhauser 6000 Road which is a private timber road that may be gated. You can put-in on the downstream side of the gate.

What's That Falls

Class - III Mile - -18.1

A fun river wide ledge that can be scouted from river left.

Summer's Creek Drop

Class - III Mile - -16.75

A fun little rapid as you approach the bridge.

8100 Bridge

Class - Mile - -16.7

This access can be used as an alternate take-out for those who do not want to continue on downstream to the Class IV Leader Rapids.

Leader Rapids

Class - IV Mile - -16.2

Leader Rapids is a boulder garden with a route down center left. At higher water you can pick your way through the boulders on river right.

Fish Hatchery Access

Class - Mile - -10.9
Rapid Thumbnail Missing

Unless you are going to portage Lower Kalama Falls and continue on downstream you will want to take out at the fish hatchery on river right. Be sure not to venture down towards the falls as the banks are lined with blackberries.

Lower Kalama Falls

Class - Mile - -10.8

Lower Kalama Falls is located immediately downstream of the fish hatchery. Most put-in below the falls for this run. The falls itself is a severe hazard due to the riverwide dam at the end of the falls that forms a deadly hydraulic. A portage on the left side is available but be sure to get out at the first eddy above the start of the falls.


No Gage

Gage Descriptions

The Washington Department of Ecology has a gauge but it does not provide realtime flow information (WA DOE Kalama gauge). The USGS maintained a gauge on this river from 1946 to 1982 (USGS Kalama gauge).

Directions Description

From I-5 take exit 32 and head 8.5 miles up to the hatchery. You can turn down the drive into the hatchery and take-out there. To reach the put-in head upstream and 0.4 mile past the hatchy you will come to a fork. The left fork takes you on the Weyerhauser haul road and the right fork continues on the Kalama River Road. The Weyerhauser is a touch more direct but the Kalama River Road gives you a couple peaks at the river. It also provides access to the 8100 Bridge which is an alternate access point. In approximately 7 miles from the hatchery you will see a sign marking the end of the County Road and the gate for the Weyerhaeuser 6000 Road which continues on upstream. You can put-in here or if the gate is open continue up about half a mile to the 6450 Bridge.

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