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Difficulty III-IV
Length 9 Miles
Gauge Peshastin Cr. @ Green Bridge Rd.
Flow Range 300 - 1500 CFS
Flow Rate as of: 8 hours ago 6.8 [CFS]
Reach Info Last Updated 05/10/2018 10:51 pm

River Description

FUN FACT: Extend your run on the Wenatchee

SEASON: Late spring (as soon as the snow melt kicks into gear) through early summer (as long as the snowmelt lasts).

LOGISTICS: To reach the put-in take Hwy. 97 7.5 miles up the hill from the junction with Hwy. 2 near the town of Peshastin. More challenging rapids can be found by going another 0.6 miles upstream. To reach the take-out turn off from Highway 2 just south of the Highway 2 bridge across Peshastin Creek and follow the road back to an unimproved parking area next to the dam. Boaters can also combine the big water of the Wenatchee with a creek boating entry by boating Peshastin Creek down to the Wenatchee. To continue on the Wenatchee see the description of the run from Peshastin to Cashmere. You can also kick start this trip with a run down Ingalls creek. There are a few more access spots along the highway for those wanting an easier run or to run laps on the upper section. (Most of the more difficult rapids are in the first few miles and the run eases off downstream, but is continuous in gradient the whole way)

SHUTTLE: Highway 97 parallels the river and gives you a good look at the character of this run during the shuttle.


The run starts out with nearly continuous class III rapids punctuated by a more challenging class IV rapid known as Fresh Squeezed. You can scout Fresh Squeezed from the road. It's about 0.8 north of the village of Ingall's Creek where a grassy knoll separates the creek from the highway. Those not wanting to tackle Fresh Squeezed can find a trail here to put-in just below. Below this point the river tapers off to continuous class II with a couple more fun class III rapids before settling down to more consistent class II once you pass under the Highway 97 bridge (an alternate access point). There is a runnable diversion dam a couple of miles downstream of this point.

There are often logs in the creek, and they tend to change quickly.

for additional information see

  • Bennett, J. and T. Bennett. 1997. A guide to the whitewater rivers of Washington, second edition. Swiftwater Publishing. Portland, OR.


Rapid Descriptions

Fresh Squeezed

Class - IV Mile - 1.7
Rapid Thumbnail Missing

Alternate Access

Class - N/A Mile - 4.1
Rapid Thumbnail Missing

Those who are most interested in the class III can take-out at the intermediate access point available on the upstream river left side of the Highway 97 Bridge.

Diversion Dam

Class - N/A Mile - 6.5
Rapid Thumbnail Missing

Use caution as you approach. Can be portaged but is sometimes run.


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Rick Schoen
6 years ago

5/11/2014 run from Fresh Squeezed down to the Wenatchee at 400 cfs. When scouting Fresh Squeezed we noted smaller wood at the top just as things pick up. One of our crew thought one could ride over it with a right to left angle at this level. Will change at different levels. Definitely worth looking at if running above Fresh Squeezed. On the lower section wood in several places that can be skirted carefully - one with a scootch over shallows next to shore on the right.

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David Elliott
13 years ago

I'm not sure I agree that what you can see from 97 gives a good indication of the character of the run. Most of the really active whitewater is hidden from view. Note that around halfway into the run there is a diversion dam (approximately 5' tall). You will see a gate on the right and a house on the left. My group had no problem running this one down the middle.

Gage Descriptions

Look for flows of 500-750 cfs. It can be run higher too, but with the steep consistent gradient, it is very fast and continuous. It can be run lower too, but it gets bumpy especially in the lower miles. The Department of Ecology established a realtime gauge for this creek. The DOE gauge used to only show feet, but now reads also in CFS. Alternatively, this creek runs roughly 10% of the Wenatchee at Peshastin (also available through the NOAA hotline 206-526-8530).

Also, keep in mind this creek melts off earlier in the season than the Wenatchee, and usually is running out of juice by mid-June when the Wenatchee is still going strong.

Directions Description

We have no additional detail on this route. Use the map below to calculate how to arrive to the main town from your zipcode.

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Wenatchee River Festival 2008

Thomas O'Keefe

There's still snow in the mountains and flows have been great all spring as boaters from across Washington state gear up to host the Wenatchee River Festival on one of the region's premiere whitewater rivers. Boaters from across the Pacific Northwest will all converge on the town of Cashmere this weekend for a great weekend of fun and activities on the water.


Matt Muir


Thomas O'Keefe


Joe Sauve


David Elliott



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