Washougal - 2 - Doc's Drop to Dougan Falls (Falls Section)

Washougal, Washington, US


2 - Doc's Drop to Dougan Falls (Falls Section)

Usual Difficulty V (for normal flows)
Length 3 Miles
Avg. Gradient 60 fpm

Gauge Information

Name Range Difficulty Updated Level
Washougal R. @ Hathaway Park
wadoe-28B080 1000 - 10000 cfs V 04h15m 126 cfs (too low)

River Description



Class V above 5,000 cfs.

3,500 is a nice medium, IV-V level

If you do the run, please report level and your take on it in the comments.



Stream:  A medium sized, rainfed stream with 4 large bedrock ledges/falls mixed with easy floating.

There is currently a lot of wood placed in the stream as fish habitat, in 2017 it was all passable, but at high flows created large, uniform hydraulics like those found below a low-head dam at high water.

Docs drop is at the put in, it is a 15-20 foot broken falls that has been run via many different lines.  Scout before putting on.

Watch out for fish habitat between Docs and the next drop, Reader Falls which can be scouted from a bridge during the shuttle.

A short stretch of open bedrock with perhaps the highest density of anthropogenically placed fish habitat lead to Naked Falls.  In this stretch is a tributary on the left that enters via a long slide that can be run, again watch out for the fish habitat near the base of the slide.

Naked Falls should be run right, beware the shallow landings over there though.  Far left is a 10 foot drop into an extremely backed up hole, it is to be avoided.

More fish habitat keeps paddles engaged below here, be careful not to end up in any of the sticky hydraulics or strainers.  Fortunately there is usually a route around the hazards.

Eventually the next horizon line is reached at Dougan Falls, which is the drop visible from the take out.  The typical line is down the right, a good finale.

Rumor has it in 2018 the fish habitat was modified to make boat passage less hazardous, if you have done the run since then please give your take on the state of the river as it relates to boaters in the comments below.




check out the Washougal Waterall Run page on Jason Rackley's site.


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Rapid Descriptions

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November 15 2006 (4260 days ago)
Brian VogtDetails
Realtime DOE gauge: https://fortress.wa.gov/ecy/wrx/wrx/flows/station.asp?sta=28B080

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