White - 2. West Fork to Bridge Camp (Middle)

White, Washington, US


2. West Fork to Bridge Camp (Middle)

Usual Difficulty III (for normal flows)
Length 13.5 Miles
Avg. Gradient 44 fpm

Gauge Information

Name Range Difficulty Updated Level
usgs-12097850 1000 - 4000 cfs III 00h58m 995 cfs (too low)

River Description

The run is mostly class 2+ with some 3. The character is relatively consistent gradient with gravel bar rapids interspersed with small boulders. The primary hazard on this run is wood. You need to be prepared to portage, as channel-spanning log jams are not uncommon.

NOTE: As of 5/17/2010, there is alot of wood in the river. There are many newer river channels that have been cut through the woods, so there are many loose undercut banks and trees continue to topple in. It's going to take some time for the river to repair itself. At this time, in the upper section of the river we were able to get around all the wood hazards, but that could change at any time. The most dangerous section is near Federation Forest, there is a braided channel section where all the channels are blocked with wood and the main channel has fast water leading to a riverwide jam. If you run this section be VERY careful and consider taking out above or putting in below Federation Forest.


The put-in for this section is the FR 74 Bridge which can be reached by Highway 410, turning off onto FR 74 at mile 46.4. Although this run starts on public land, it enters the private White River Tree Farm making access a bit of a challenge. The traditional take-out for this section, upstream of the slackwater of Mud Mountain Reservoir, was at the bridge reached by a private logging road that turns off Highway 410 at mile 35.3. In recent years this road has been closed to public vehicle access. Unless you want to hike up with your boat, the most practical access is near a bridge that can be accessed relatively easily from Highway 410 mile 38.3. For an even shorter run, there is also convenient road-side access at Highway 410 mile 41.5.

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Last Updated: 2012-01-20 19:43:13


Rapid Summary

Mile Rapid Name Class Features (Legend)
-48.8Huckleberry RapidsIII
-48.7Alternate Bridge AccessN/AAccess
-41.3Alternate Bridge AccessN/AAccess
-38.8Cyclone DropIII

Rapid Descriptions

Alternate Bridge Access (Class N/A, Mile -41.3)

Last access point with convenient access to Highway 410.

User Comments

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May 12 2016 (795 days ago)
ARC253 (158203)
Floated this stretch 5/11/2016 in inflatable kayaks. Took it slow with lots of stops to scout the
river, but the river was mostly open. Did not run into any river wide log jams and all the sketchy
stuff was easily avoidable. The river was flowing great. A good float for an advanced beginner
that's hit the yo-yo and lower skykomish a couple times. Floated from FR 74 to the alternative pull
on 410 in 41/2 hours. Go enjoy this great stretch of water!
July 28 2003 (5466 days ago)
James AmandusDetails
There are several trees and logs down right now on the lower and middle strech of this run. I went
down on 7-26-03 and found 3 blocked areas of the river. There are a few strainers that you have to
get out for... Don't attempt to run any of them. I lost a Werner Player orange 194" paddle in
one of these jams because we could not see if the tree covered the entire river. Take care and
contact me if you would like more information on where the jams are.

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    Major rivers of the Puyallup watershed include the Carbon, Puyallup, and White which drain the western and northern slopes of Mt. Rainier which we are working to preserve and protect.