Flambeau, S.Fk. - E) CTH.W to Skinner Creek Landing (11.2 miles)

Flambeau, S.Fk., Wisconsin, US


E) CTH.W to Skinner Creek Landing (11.2 miles)

Usual Difficulty II(III) (for normal flows)
Length 10.4 Miles
Avg. Gradient 7 fpm
Max Gradient 30 fpm

Fun on the Flambeau

Fun on the Flambeau
Photo of Mark Mastalski by Ron Mastalski taken 08/15/02

River Description

Put-in is at CTH.W, at roughly 1370' elevation.
Take-out is at Skinner Creek Landing, at roughly 1293' elevation.
Rapids include Carpenters, Cornsheller, Big Bull, Bergeron, Little Falls, Scratch, and Otter Slide.
Many paddlers opt for a short trip, putting in at CTH.M, to focus on the 'main event', Little Falls.

'MnktoDave' has put together a beautiful video from Little Falls on this stretch of river:

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Rapid Summary

Mile Rapid Name Class Features (Legend)
0.0Put-in: Drainage area: ~615 sq.mi.N/A
5.4Big BullN/A
8.5Little FallsN/APortage Hazard Waterfall Playspot
11.0Otter SlideN/A

Rapid Descriptions

Put-in: Drainage area: ~615 sq.mi. (Class N/A)

For continuity, and since there are named rapids between here and CTH.M, we list this as the put-in, even though many paddlers (intent only on the best whitewater) just put in at CTH.M.

Drainage at this listed put-in is ~615 square miles. By CTH.M, it has increased to ~661 square miles, and at our listed take-out (not counting Skinner Creek's contribution) it is ~666 square miles (an increase of ~8% from listed put-in to listed take-out).

CTH.M (Class N/A, Mile 7.4)

Often used as an put-in for a shorter run with (perhaps) the best rapids.

Little Falls (Class N/A, Mile 8.5)

Below is a YouTube video of some folks running each side of this falls.

User Comments

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May 12 2011 (2238 days ago)
Brendan HammondDetails
This is our local run, most put-in at Co M. We use the stairs at the put-in for an idea of flow.
Highest I've run is with 3.5 steps showing in June of '10 and Sept of '10, this is a very high
flow. Slough Gundy is a solid III with huge wave trains, 6' and higher nonstop from the first pitch
above the cliff to the fifth and last pitch above the big pool. The only play would be for advanced
boaters. The left side of the falls was runnable, but looked very pushy, the right side was
unscoutable with the island mostly flooded and a far river right channel in the woods. Scratch
(below Little Falls) was mostly washed out with less features than at lower levels. The Flambeau
gauge was reading 13000+ cfs in during the June event. Based on where the greatest amount of rain
fell, 6" in Phillips area and the N. Fork's very large reservoir (Turtle Flambeau) being over 5
feet below normal pool and not releasing any water, the So Fork at M likely had higher flows at the
confluence, likely 6000+ cfs.
I believe there are 9-10 steps including the 4'x4' landing step at the bottom. As levels drop
Slough Gundy changes dramatically, at some levels there are playspots everywhere and others they
seem to disappear. The Falls also changes, the left side becomes more difficult and dangerous,
with the right line (pourover slot next to island) looking very keepy and the left line near
trail access pushing into the big rock on left that has sieve and often wood trapped underneath.
The river right falls remains unscoutable, however the left line (slide) is probably runnable IV.
As level drops further both lines of the river left falls open up and as do both on the river
right side. The right line of the right (5' drop) is very sticky. As the river drops even further
the left side becomes bony and the right side far more tame. Below the falls, Scratch, (named
further downstream on the topo) at most levels is the most fun rapids to run, with a nice hole on
far river left.
At high levels we use the skinner creek rd takeout, at moderate levels or only a bike or legs for
a shuttle, we takeout below scratch and walk up using a decent trail along the river up to little
falls. At low levels we may just run down to little falls and take-out or carry into the falls
and run laps. For flows watch for rain in Price County, watch the Jump gauge and the Flambeau
May 12 2011 (2238 days ago)
bryan fosterDetails
Ran at a level when the 4'x4' landing step was just barely covered. Posted a youtube video of the
run http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2En5VF1WqCU Hopefully I can get better at making those and
uploading them, it is a 1st attempt.

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