Wolf - D) Section 3: Langlade (Hwy 64) to Wild Wolf Inn (3.9 or 10.3 miles)

Wolf, Wisconsin, US


D) Section 3: Langlade (Hwy 64) to Wild Wolf Inn (3.9 or 10.3 miles)

Usual Difficulty II(III) (varies with level)
Length 10.3 Miles
Avg. Gradient 19 fpm
Max Gradient 40 fpm

Surfing @ Hansen's

Surfing @ Hansen's
Photo of Helge Klockow by Mark Mastalski taken 06/15/02

Gauge Information

Name Range Difficulty Updated Level
usgs-04074950 200 - 1250 cfs II(III) 00h29m 396 cfs (running)
~4-8": low boatable flow. Gauge (463 sq.mi. drainage) is at the beginning of the (full) reach, thus very accurately reflects actual flow in this reach.

River Description

Commonly referred to as Section III of the Wolf, this 10.3 mile stretch includes several Class II+ (III) rapids and some long flatwater stretches. With most of the river bank under state ownership (until the end of the run), you get the feeling of paddling in a wilderness setting.

The full run begins at Langlade, however paddlers often run an abbreviated section (called "Short III") by putting in at the DNR landing off of County Highway M. This put-in is below Twenty-Day Rapid and above Boy Scout, making for a 3.9 mile trip catching the three main drops. In either case, the run finishes immediately around the bend after Gilmore's Mistake.

Please note: this access point is privately owned by Buettner's Wild Wolf Inn. Don't drive your car down to the take-out point. Carry your boat to the boater's parking lot. Don't let your dog run around unleashed. Spend a few dollars at the bar and restaurant to thank the owners for access. Also be aware that immediately downstream of this take-out lies the county line. Proceeding downstream is trespassing within the Menominee Nation, and can be done only after paying a 'trespass fee' and getting a wrist-band to boat this next stretch of the river.

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Rapid Summary

Mile Rapid Name Class Features (Legend)
1.0Crowle RapidsI
1.8Horserace RapidsI
4.0Twenty Day RapidsII
6.5Access for 'Short 3'N/AAccess
7.6Garfield (A.K.A. Boyscout) RapidsII+Photo
8.6marked 'Rapids'I
8.9Hansen's RapidsIIPhoto
10.2Gilmore's MistakeIIIPlayspot Photo

Rapid Descriptions

Twenty Day Rapids (Class II, Mile 4.0)

An obvious horizon line as the river narrows signals Twenty-Day Rapid, a short but relatively steep pitched class II. It is followed by three miles of flatwater before you reach Boy Scout Rapid. Midway through this flatwater you will come across the landing which is the put-in for "Short III".

Access for 'Short 3' (Class N/A, Mile 6.5)

Most paddlers forego the aforementioned distance and rapids and use this access point to catch just the final 3.9 miles containing the three best rapids on the run (often called "Short Section III" or just "Short 3").

Garfield (A.K.A. Boyscout) Rapids (Class II+, Mile 7.6)

Boy Scouts Rapid (2nd foot bridge)

Boy Scouts Rapid (2nd foot bridge)
Photo of Grade 3 Rapid by John Lee taken 04/29/07 @ 412 cfs

A footbridge signals Boy Scout Rapid (named for the Scout camp on river left). Class II rapids lead to a second footbridge, which is the heart of this half-mile, somewhat 'technical', boulder-garden rapid. In high water, Boy Scout rapid becomes pushy. Deaths have occurred there, and the rocks under the second footbridge have caused foot-pins. (Float with your feet as near the surface as possible! Do not try to stand in moving water!) With enough water, the rocks are all covered, and the rapids is far less technical.

Hansen's Rapids (Class II, Mile 8.9)

Hanson's (lower part)

Hanson's (lower part)
Photo of Hanson's (lower part) by Falk Eichhorn taken 04/02/07 @ 8.95ft

A mile downstream you'll find Hansen's Rapid. A large eddy on river right, just below the entrance allows you to boat-scout the rapids. Just across from this eddy is a very consistent side-surfing wave often filled with boaters.

Each year this is one of the sites for the "Buttercup Series" of slalom races. This event can be great fun for participants and spectators, and can always use set-up and take-down volunteers. Participating in slalom boating is a great way to challenge yourself and improve skills, having to make moves to go through the gates, taking lines through the rapids that you would unlikely otherwise take!

Gilmore's Mistake (Class III, Mile 10.2)

Gilmore's Mistake

Gilmore's Mistake
Photo of Gilmore's Mistake by Falk Eichhorn taken 04/02/07 @ 8.95ft

Another 1.5 miles downstream lies Gilmore's Mistake, which can be scouted on the left. The gently sloping, bedrock shore (and its accessibility from the Wild Wolf Inn) makes this rapid the perfect place for spectators and park-and-play boaters.

The rapid starts with a narrowing with good playboating possibilities, followed by an interesting ledge/drop. Below the drop is a hole popular with many playboaters. Be aware that this is shallow and rocky at low levels. Face plants here usually mean bruises or blood (or both).

As you head around a left-hand-bend, a short bit of boulder-garden rapids and one final ledge/drop lead to the take out immediately on river left.

DO NOT PASS THIS TAKEOUT unless you have paid the 'trespass fee' and gotten a wristband to enter the Menominee Nation. (The sandy landing area lies literally right at the county line!) Tribal law provides that punishment for illegal trespass may include being fined, imprisoned, and/or impoundment of any and all gear used in committing the trespass (which could include not only your boating equipment, but also any vehicle(s) used to set shuttle for your illegal trespass!).

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October 10 2018 (62 days ago)
cobkayak (157993)
Gardner Dam Boy Scout Camp Access. Mid June through early August the camp is in Summer Camp Season.
Please refrain from using the put in there during those weeks.

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