Klamath - 08. Coon Creek to Ishi Pishi Falls

Klamath, California, US


08. Coon Creek to Ishi Pishi Falls

Usual Difficulty II (for normal flows)
Length 22 Miles

Jacob's first rapid

Jacob's first rapid
Photo of Jacob by John taken 06/28/06 @ ~2000 CFS

Gauge Information

Name Range Difficulty Updated Level
usgs-11520500 700 - 8000 cfs II 11h51m 5460 cfs (running)
Range for best boatability uncertain. Please help your fellow paddlers by providing a comment or report.

River Description

Logistics: The put-in access for this section is at Coon Creek although longer multiday trips start further upstream. The take-out at Green Riffle access is 3.5 miles above Ishi Pishi Falls where a dirt road off the Highway leads down to the river just upstream of the Reynolds Creek confluence. If you continue downstream, you face a long portage around Ishi Pishi Falls.

Blue Swillup Rapid (class II+) comes a short distance after the put-in. After this point the river is rather mellow for the next several miles.

Don't miss the take-out at Green Riffle access. Below this take-out, Ishi Pishi Falls is a class V drop that has been run at flows around 2000 cfs and much higher, but this is sacred ground for the local Native American tribes and they have specifically asked boaters not to run it. In the interest of maintaining a good relationship between local boaters and the tribe, we're all working together on improving conditions on the Klamath River, it's probably best if you pass on this particular rapid.

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Rapid Descriptions

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  • Klamath Restoration (OR & CA)
    AW supports restoration of the Klamath River for the benefit of salmon while providing appropriate opportunities for whitewater recreation.

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