Back Creek - WV 9 to McCoy's Ferry

Back Creek, West Virginia, US


WV 9 to McCoy's Ferry

Usual Difficulty II(III) (for normal flows)
Length 8 Miles

River Description

Very pristine and scenic with some strainers and always changing you might even get out and walk to the next hole. Grate for a slow day with kids or beginners.
BUT when it’s near the top of its banks it is one hell of a ride.
Join the kids and me.

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Last Updated: 2004-01-11 10:22:29


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Gauge Information

Gauge Description:

When I Walk down to the waters edge and say “hummm”

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7y325d11h37m @Back Creek WV 9 to McCoy's Ferry [WV] back creek wv 2.70 ft 152798



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March 6 2011 (2874 days ago)
Michelle WhiteDetails
Don't know how to link the gauge into the AW page, but I think this is the right gauge for this
section: Paddled it about 140 cfs (?) yesterday and
was a little scrapey but not bad. Peepers were peeping!
February 28 2011 (2880 days ago)
jhuber (152798)
when guage is at 2.4 or above, its great for boating... make this trip dozens of times a year.
Finished first float this weekend 2-27-11 and - take out at allensville rd. for shorter trip
January 11 2004 (5485 days ago)
Bob DoyleDetails
If your looking for info
January 11 2004 (5485 days ago)
Bob DoyleDetails
Well I

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 WV 9 to McCoy's Ferry, Back Creek West Virginia, US (mobile)