Deckers Creek - Pioneer Rocks

Deckers Creek, West Virginia, US


Pioneer Rocks (Gas Line pullout (rt 7) to Junkyard Pullout (rt 7))

Usual Difficulty V (for normal flows)
Length 2.5 Miles
Avg. Gradient 100 fpm
Max Gradient 250 fpm

Jay through the Teeth

Jay through the Teeth
Photo of Jay Moffat by JB Seay

Gauge Information

Name Range Difficulty Updated Level
usgs-03062500 250 - 650 cfs V 01h24m 69.1 cfs (too low)

River Description

For a Go Pro helmet cam video of Deckers Creek, go to

Latitude, Longitude data are approximate.

Deckers Creek is a fun and challenging run, just a few miles from the interstate and the University. Just because it is roadside does not mean it is light duty, however. The streambed is littered with sieves, and most of the vertical drops have a cave behind them.

That said, if you know this run, you can get a lap in before work or class, and it is a great resource for Morgantown area paddlers.

Here's what Bobby Miller has to say about Decker's after his first run several years ago:
"Here is my personal opinion on Deckers. I think that run is very hard and very scary. My impressions were that you could die about 5 ways in every rapid. I was scared on it (which doesn't happen a lot). Granted, I ran everything so that makes it a lot scarier but still it is very scary. I think that the Upper Blackwater is not even in the same class as Deckers. Deckers has harder rapids and more and bigger sieves. The creeks in Canaan are way more user-friendly (Otter, North Fork) with not so many undercuts to catch you if mess up. My opinion of Deckers is that it is a run for top creekers (guys who dominate easy creeks like the North Fork and Upper B) in top condition. It opened my eyes and got my heart ticking. I enjoyed Deckers but it wasn't as fun as I thought it would be. I was so worried about falling into the ugly caves and sieves that litter the run that I really couldn't sit back and enjoy as much as I hoped. I think I prefer to either not have the sieves around when I boat or not know they are there. Just my opinion."

Conservation organization: check out Friends of Deckers Creek.

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Rapid Descriptions

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User Comments

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March 11 2015 (1408 days ago)
acmcmurray (152713)
Aside from the banter above, Decker's is a great run for technically sound class V creek boaters.
Steep, technical, and loaded with great moves, it's a run to be cherished that requires sound
paddling. Like most class V creeks in the region, sieves and wood are hazards that deserve concern
and caution. It would be wise to go with someone who know's the run if it's your first time. At
most medium to low levels it's easy to eddy hop and/or scout most of the major rapids. Be sure to
take your time. It is not uncommon for those who know the run to make multiple laps. As of March
11th, 2015 there is wood in the LZ of Eyes, and some snags hanging here and there. Scout ahead of
time as high water events change the creek constantly.
May 26 2006 (4619 days ago)
Stewart CaldwellDetails
The gauge is barely visible unless someone has painted it lately. So, visual inspection may be the
best method.
May 24 2005 (4986 days ago)
Mike VanderbergDetails
Wood/Streambed Update: Run at 5-4.5 bars
Hercules - clear (large log above deduction in precarious position, will probably flush soon and
chock itself somewhere dangerous
Deduction - clear (sieve totally open now - looks smoother than before w/no hole - dangerous)
Carcass - clear
After Carcass - wood in first drop on right (avoidable just left)
Top Hat - clear
Hairline - clear to right after ferry (left line after ferry has wood in it)
Brows - clear
Eyes - clear (took a good piton here at bottom of drop on far left - I think the rock has always
been there)
Teeth - clear (some weird rocks above drop after exiting pool below eyes)
Problem Child/EOW - changes here (looks like fast moving pool b/w PC and EOW has changed, maybe for
the better). Wood in far left channel of drop against bank. Also, wood in center channel below EOW
(airplane slot open).
Runout - some wood here, but can be avoided by boat scouting. Slide near the end still has wood on