Peters Creek - County 22 bridge to mouth

Peters Creek, West Virginia, US


County 22 bridge to mouth

Usual Difficulty II-III(IV) (for normal flows)
Length 2.5 Miles

one of the first rapids on peters

one of the first rapids on peters
Photo of Josh by Chris Preperato taken 09/20/13 @ 1000 cfs

Gauge Information

Name Range Difficulty Updated Level
usgs-03191500 6.40 - 7.40 ft II-III(IV) 00h24m 5.66 ft (too low)

River Description

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Last Updated: 2013-10-23 17:25:15

Rapid Descriptions

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October 21 2013 (1912 days ago)
Shannon OrcuttDetails
Ran this creek twice in September 2013 at 1000cfs and then at 200cfs. I would rate this creek class
III+ at low water and IV(IV+) at higher flows which takes on a big water feel. I disagree with the
below post about any of the rapids being class V on this run. The two rapids after the falls are
definitely the crux of this run but are boat-scoutable. As noted below, the first rapid after the
falls has a large undercut boulder on the left which is easy to avoid if you are on line and moving
but one of our crew came really close to going under it. Also in the final rapid, there is a tree
in the left line at 200cfs its chest high, at 1000cfs its probably in the landing zone. You have to
force your way right at low flows to avoid it. Also the rapid above the falls has a undercut bolder
on the river left, this one might be worth scouting on river left at higher flows, the line isn't
difficult but you want to be on it. The falls did not look good at either of these levels, I think
at medium flows would be fine though. We scouted and portaged on river right. Easiest put-in we
found was a mile up panther creek rd at the bridge.
August 1 2009 (3454 days ago)
x (1)
I ran this creek on 7-30-09 putting in at the Drennen Post Office (129 & 39 intersection) and
running it all the way to the mouth on the Gauley. The upper half of is best suited as a canoe
stream, virtually all swift water or Class I. The scenery is pleasant enough, more secluded than
you might think, but not really outstanding. The faint of heart should definitely take out at the
last car bridge crossing about a mile below where the creek leaves Route 39 for safety reasons. The
bottom half below the last car bridge is for expert kayakers only. The "Big Three" rapids compose
the formidible part of the run about midway into this section. The 20 foot falls is a Class VI
drop, followed by two very technical Class V rapids (which I'll call "Right Dogleg" and "Rock
Jumble"). The reason this section of the creek is not run very often is because portaging is VERY
strenuous. The incline of the left bank (where the railroad tracks are) is so steep that it
requires a long rope (both for pulling my boat up and lowering it down) for practical success. 20
Foot Falls is a straight drop just right of center but I'd recommend the pool be scouted at low
water first in advance to see where any hazardous rocks may lie. Right Dogleg requires initially
manuvering far right to avoid the undercut rock on the left, but the second half drop is cleaner on
far left. Rock Jumble features a "U" shaped ledge entrance with the majority of the water splitting
into left and right channels. The bottom half of the rapid has a short pool followed by left and
right slots with a 5 foot drop. I took the right channel at the top half, then took the left slot
for the bottom drop. The remainder of the run is not difficult, the only dilemma being whether to
take out at the mouth of Peters Creek or continue on the lower 3rd of the Gauley. The only takeout
option is to walk all the way back to the last bridge via the train tracks (not practical) so I
decided to continue on to the Swiss takeout. This section features another "Big Three" rapids on
the larger Gauley....Mash, Heaven Help You, and Pure Screaming Hell for good measure. The shuttle
distance from the town of Swiss (not the 1st takeout) to the last car bridge on Peters Creek is
probably about 8 miles.
January 24 2009 (3643 days ago)
x (1)
The 38 acres that the put in spot on peters creek resides on was recently purchased by my wife and
I...this is pnow our home site and we will soon have rental cabins, and a new put in just upstream
sfor those of you ythat are interested in covernight or weekly stays hon the property...The
oproperty has been posted, so for those of you that would like access please email us in advance
for permission at THRTKENNEL@AOL.COM Thanks Kevin & Terri Kershner
December 19 2008 (3679 days ago)
Fredrick DamronDetails
Peter's Creek is fun and does have a clean 20fter. If you look at the map you will see the train
tracks go through a mountain. If you put in and paddle the "loop" then once you get the the next
train bridge the 20fter is about 1/4 mile away. You can walk the shuttle for the loop throught on
the tracks. The other rapids are shallow ledges with nice play. Go intro creek for those in
training. 250 cfs is good for the falls but the rest is good at 150cfs. Here is a link to some
video and pictures. Heath Damron
November 17 2008 (3711 days ago)
x (1)
Peter's Creek is not the put-in for the Lower Gauley. Peter's Creek confluences with the Lower
Gauley near the railroad bridge upstream of Upper Mash. There's a clean 20 foot waterfall on this
creek. This creek runs beside Peter's Creek Road just of route 39, which is on the way to the Lower
Gauley put-in.
April 24 2006 (4650 days ago)
Chris GormanDetails
It is the really steep creek that peters creek road follows. It is the putin for the Lower Gauley.
April 24 2006 (4650 days ago)
Chris GormanDetails
It is the really steep creek that peters creek road follows. It is the putin for the Lower Gauley.