Knife - Cty 102 to Lake Superior (5.5 miles)

Knife, Minnesota, US


Cty 102 to Lake Superior (5.5 miles)

Usual Difficulty II-III(IV) (for normal flows)
Length 5.5 Miles
Avg. Gradient 45 fpm
Max Gradient 80 fpm

Fish Falls

Fish Falls
Photo of Graeme Bloor by Bryan Zlimen @ Approx 900 cfs

Gauge Information

Name Range Difficulty Updated Level
usgs-04015330 200 - 1000 cfs II-III(IV) 22d16h25m 53.9 cfs (too low)
Uncertain about best flows. Help us out! Add a comment. Gauge (83.6 sq.mi. drainage) is immediately downstream of Hwy.61, near end of run, thus very accurately portrays actual flow.

River Description

Generally a pleasant easier run in this mecca of creek runs. Caution should be excercised at a ledge sequence encountered about a mile and a half into the run and the ledge visible from the wayside just downstream of Hwy 61. Can be used as a warm-up or wind-down in conjunction with adjacent creeks.
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Last Updated: 2010-01-18 19:56:51

Rapid Summary

Mile Rapid Name Class Features (Legend)
0.9Early going / Stanley Creek ConfluenceN/A
1.9Private ResidenceN/A
3.4Bedrock outcroppingN/A
3.7Rocky JumbleN/A
4.0Unnamed TributaryN/AAccess
5.3Little Knife Confluence/Hwy.61N/ATakeout Waterfall

Rapid Descriptions

Early going / Stanley Creek Confluence (Class N/A, Mile 0.9)

For what it's worth, for the five miles upstream of our listed put-in the river averages only about 16FPM. That same lack of gradient continues downstream to start this run.

Private Residence (Class N/A, Mile 1.9)

A private residence will be visible on the river-left. (This isbeing listed here mostly as a 'way point'/mileage-marker).

Bedrock outcropping (Class N/A, Mile 3.4)

The first significant rocky outcropping (at least first which is evident from aerial views online) occurs at this point. Unknown how significant this is (I.E., what class rapids it makes, or where best to run it, if it matters) at runnable flows. (Is this the ledge which is mentioned in the description (which was migrated to there from a user comment)? Seems a bit far downstream from that report.)

Rocky Jumble (Class N/A, Mile 3.7)

Aerial views show an apparent jumble of rocks here, which (one would expect) should cause a bit more interesting rapids.

Rock/Chute (Class N/A, Mile 3.8)

It appears there is a rocky outcrop (left of center) which will push water to a bit of a chute to river-right and likely a lesser chute to river-left.

Unnamed Tributary (Class N/A, Mile 4.0)

An unnamed (at least on topo maps online) tributary enters from river-right. Just 1/8th mile downstream, as powerlines pass overhead, a clearing should signal a possible ingress/egress point at E.Shilhon Road/255 (mile 4.12).

Little Knife Confluence/Hwy.61 (Class N/A, Mile 5.3)

As you reach Hwy.61, the Little Knife River enters from river-right. Immediately downstream (starting under the North/East-bound lanes) a very significant series of drops begins.

User Comments

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May 13 2009 (3499 days ago)
x (1)
Comment is correct! just below the cable river splits around a big rock and cascades down. There
were lots of nasty trees at the bottom of the left channel.
June 18 2008 (3828 days ago)
x (1)
Watch out for a 10+ foot water fall above the Hwy 61 bridge. The falls is located at the fish
sanctuary. Watch for cables over the river and "Fish Sanctuary" signs. Portage Trail on the left.
Just below HWY 61 is nasty...but easily scouted from HWY 61. The rest of the river is a fun paddle.

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