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Difficulty IV
Length 1.8 Miles
Gauge N/A
Flow Range
Reach Info Last Updated 05/31/2004 6:11 pm

River Description

This is an intense creek, with lots of drops and a big slide toward the end. Eddies are few and far between, and there are lots of blind curves. Scouting is advisable, because the creek is narrow and there is always the possibility for strainers. (On 5/31/04, however, no portages were required.)

One possibility for takeout is at Hall's on the River. This requires about a 1/2 mile paddle upstream on the Kentucky River, which may not be possible, since the Kentucky River is often high when Jouett Creek is running. The other possibility for takeout is downstream a few miles at Clay's Ferry, under the I-75 bridge -- the same takeout used for Boone Creek and Calloway Creek.

Rapid Descriptions


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Derek Bocard
4 years ago

Video of Jouett - March 2015

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Dave Lafferty
10 years ago

Jouett was fairly clean last time it was paddled (Oct 2009) although there are some trees wedged along the left bank towards the bottom in the long slide known as Dead and Bloated. New wood is ALWAYS a possibility so ALWAYS scout this rapid.

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Greg Woosley
17 years ago

Several of us paddled Jouett Creek 6-7-03 and luckily decided to scout the long blind slide known as "Dead and Bloated". There was/is a multi-log strainer that blocks the entire streambed and would likely snare a paddler.

For Jouett novices, this slide is approx. 0.25 mile below the 6-8 foot vertical drop (Compactor) and just after a good size slide with a meaty hole at the bottom. There is a small circulating eddy on creek left just above the committing left turn where paddlers can scout and/or portage by bushwacking along the bank. Use extreme caution in the slides after running Compactor to prevent washing into this blind and very tight slide! If flushed through the eddy, it might be possible to barrel through dislodging one or more of the smaller logs, although this is not at all advisable.

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