Long Green Creek - Glen Arm Rd. to Gunpowder Falls

Long Green Creek, Maryland, US


Glen Arm Rd. to Gunpowder Falls

Usual Difficulty IV (for normal flows)
Length 2 Miles

Gauge Information

Name Range Difficulty Updated Level
usgs-01584050 100 - 1500 cfs IV 01h08m 30.9 cfs (too low)

River Description

The Long Green offers one of the best runs in Maryland to the lucky paddlers who catch it when it is running, which is very seldom. A long, heavy rain is required to make this creek runable. Both times that I have caught it, it had rained all night long and most of the morning (I think it was about 3-5 inches of rain total). There is a stick gage for the creek; it is located right above the second drop and is visible from the road. The first time I ran it, the level was about 1 inch below the top of the gage and was a great run. The second time I ran it, the gage was underwater and it was still rising - the water was VERY pushy on that run. I am guessing that it is runable down to 4 inches below the top of the gage. Any lower and it would be very bony I think.

Put-in is where Glen Arm crosses over the creek
The Long Green dumps into the GunPowder River, so the best take-out is Jones Road on the Lower GunPowder River, because if The Long Green is up, The GunPowder will be kicking! You can also take-out at the US1/Belair Road bridge if you don't want to run the Lower GunPowder

The first two drops can be scouted from the road that runs beside the creek. You can easily eddie-out above the rest of the drops to scout. Be sure to scout every rapid - strainers get stuck in the drops frequently!! Also be sure to watch out for low hanging vines that like to snag unsuspecting paddlers!!

(If anyone knows any other names for these, let me know)
Pinball - this is the first drop, which is only about 10 yards downstream from the put-in. This is about a 15 foot drop in total, follow the tongue down on river right and then the water bounce you down the rest of the way.0

Pillow - this is the second drop, which can be seen from the road. It is basically a 10 foot waterfall that has a really nice soft pillowy landing. Run just to the right of the rock in the center at the top.

Boof Rock - (AKA "Baltimore's Best Boof") This is a really fun one - this is five foot drop with a really nice boof on river left. Stick close to river left (about 1 foot off the shore), avoiding the nasty folding current and then make a quick right after the folding current and boof! This can also be run on tight river right, but the boof on that side isn't as good.

ChowderHole - This is about a15 foot total drop with mean hole at the bottom. Run from river left to right and the try to boof off the center of the rock at the bottom and plow through/over the hole.

The rest of the run has several other small drops, most of which aren't too difficult. (by Daniel Anderson)

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Rapid Summary

Mile Rapid Name Class Features (Legend)
1.0PinballIVHazard Waterfall Photo
1.1Pillow (drop 2)IVWaterfall Photo
1.1Pillow (another angle)IVWaterfall Photo

Rapid Descriptions

Pinball (Class IV, Mile 1.0)

The first drop - Pinball

The first drop - Pinball
Photo of Daniel Anderson by Becky Anderson @ top of gage

Pillow (drop 2) (Class IV, Mile 1.1)

The second drop - Pillow

The second drop - Pillow
Photo by Becky Anderson @ top of gage

Pillow (another angle) (Class IV, Mile 1.1)


Photo by Becky Anderson @ top of gage

User Comments

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February 27 2012 (2519 days ago)
Cagg1271 (153409)
I scouted this a few weeks ago and have 1 question: when this would be at a runnable level, do you
portage Harford Rd.? Is there a reliable eddy to pull out in? The rest of this looks fantastic!
February 28 2007 (4344 days ago)
Daniel SmithDetails
Just ran Long Green two days ago at 2.6 I would say anything above 2.5 is runable. The flow came
completly from snow melt so you don't always need rain for it to run.
June 26 2006 (4591 days ago)
Robert FarmerDetails
Check the gauge at http://waterdata.usgs.gov/md/nwis/uv?01584050. A reasonable minimum is around
2.5-2.6, although this is an estimate. More info is needed.
June 5 2006 (4612 days ago)
Robert FarmerDetails
It's worth noting that the drop called Pillow (above) forms a very powerful hydraulic at higher
levels that most people seem to underestimate. A person could easily drown here, so be careful--it
is very sticky at high levels.

Also, the last rapid down by the Gunpowder has a very serious hole, too. Failure to ace the rapids
above it could also have fatal consequences. Once, when I had to lie flat on my boat to get under
the first concrete bridge above the first drop, I carried the entire final section of rapids with
no regrets. Yes, this creek does sometimes get too high! Be careful!