Kellogg Creek - to Hwy.86

Kellogg Creek, Ohio, US


to Hwy.86

Usual Difficulty IV (for normal flows)
Length 2 Miles

River Description

Grand River Tributary (flows into Paine Ck)

Latitude/longitude coordinates are approximate.

(The following is NOT from first-hand knowledge, but from online investigation.)

From the topo maps, it is hard to rationalize the IV rating. Best I can tell, at Morely Road (41.6865, -81.2593) the river is at 690' elevation. At Hwy.86 (Painesville Warren Road) it is at 610'. That spans more than the two miles claimed by the reach, and appears to be no more than 80' of drop in more than three miles of river. Again, best I can tell, there is no more than 50' of drop in the final 2 miles. Barring unusual circumstances, the apparent 25-30 feet per mile hardly seems likely to equate to a class IV run overall.

That notwithstanding, to the admittedly less-than-perfect analysis available via GoogleMaps (and it's level of detail and resolution coupled with a bit of imagination), there does appear to be some fairly decent rapids.

We would welcome a more detailed contribution from someone familiar with this run.

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Last Updated: 2009-04-15 18:40:41

Rapid Summary

Mile Rapid Name Class Features (Legend)
0.0Drainage: ~4.5 - 13.1 sq.mi.N/A

Rapid Descriptions

Drainage: ~4.5 - 13.1 sq.mi. (Class N/A)

Drainage area (as calculated via USGS StreamStats 4.0 Beta software) at the listed put-in is 4.54 square miles. Just downstream, with the addition of Ellison Creek, that increases to 11 square miles. By our listed take-out, it increases to 13.1 square miles.

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