Emory - 2. Emory River Canyon - Hwy 62 to Nemo

Emory, Tennessee, US


2. Emory River Canyon - Hwy 62 to Nemo

Usual Difficulty II-III (for normal flows)
Length 7 Miles

Gauge Information

Name Range Difficulty Updated Level
Emory River above Obed Confluence
virtual-10487 250 - 4000 cfs II-III cfs
usgs-03540500 4000 - 20000 cfs II-III 01h14m 1020 cfs (too low)

River Description

Gage: Station ID: 03540500 - Emory River @ Oakadale Runnable @ 5000+
Runnable Oct-May
See Tennessee Paddle for info on this and other streams in the Obed/Emory watershed.


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Rapid Descriptions

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September 27 2013 (1938 days ago)
simonkrzych (155765)
Emory River, Hwy 62 to Catoosa Road class 2-3 (listed on AW as Emory -2. Emory River Canyon - Hwy
62 to Nemo) - Minmum flow is 4000 cfs on Emory River at Oakdale, TN gauge - Max flow is 20000 cfs -
Run is 7 river miles
March 30 2009 (3580 days ago)
x (1)
Ran this section on 03-28-09. The Emory @ Oakdale gauge was at 6000cfs. The water at the put in
didn't look particularly high, it was a misty green in color. If you were to see the water at the
put in muddy and swift I would check the gauges again. At 6000cfs I would rate this run as slightly
more difficult than the Nantahala only with more flat water and less rapids. It starts out flat as
it moves away from the houses at the put in. The scenery is top notch but for a little trash here
and there. The current is swift and the couple of miles of flat water pass quickly. Eventaully you
start running easy class II rapids. They become more frequent as you get to the bottom of the
Canyon. At it's peak, just above the (functional) railroad bridge, it's a blast, with some
gradient, horizon lines, munchy little holes and some nice surfing waves. The rapids are straight
forward, "if it looks good. It is good." but on some of the more technical drops down stream vision
is limited. The good things about this run are. 1) It's a short run with an easy shuttle. 2) The
rapids are class II-III with no suprises other than strainers and tree falls, which is common on
streams like this. We encountered no dangerous downed trees on our run but there were quite a few
trees in the river, they just didn't come into play. 3) It's a good warm up run if you've been out
of your boat for a while. 4) It's a good intro into creeking, for people with the skills. The
negatives of this run would be 1) If you put on too low it may get frustrating. 2) There is a lot
of flat water before the rapids start. 3) There is no spectacular canyon scenery (it is uniquely
beautiful) 4) The funnest rapids end just about the time they start getting good.