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Difficulty II+(III)
Length 6.25 Miles
Gauge Clear Fk Trinity Rv at Ft Worth, TX
Flow Range 150 - 10000 CFS
Flow Rate as of: 1 hour ago 67.6 [CFS]
Reach Info Last Updated 05/14/2013 5:12 pm

River Description

While the full reach is listed as 6.25 miles, most whitewater boaters will be content to concentrate on just the last half-mile, where re-engineering of a series of dams in a cement-channelized river has created a fine Park-and-Play spot near downtown Fort Worth.

For more information, see Texas Whitewater, 2nd Edition.

Rapid Descriptions

Santa's Chute

Class - II+ Mile - 3.1
Very small wave with good eddy lines. Great level for beginners.
Wave gets a little bigger but is still hard to stay on.
Better play at railroad chute.
Great surf wave -- drop in from above or eddy in on river left and cut all the way over to center wave.
Still a great wave that can surf 2 or more at the same time. Nice play hole on river left.

Railroad Chute

Class - II+ Mile - 3.3
Great from about 700 cfs to 1000 cfs, then gets real good again (and big!) at 2000+ cfs. Eddy service is great at low levels, but good luck at high levels.

At 4000cfs there is a nice play spot on river left at the drop under the railroad bridge.

Double Chute

Class - II+ Mile - 3.5
Fun for pop-ups and squirts at real low levels (150 cfs to 500 or so).

The pillow where the two waves come together gets very aerated, big, and soft with any significant water. The river right wave is retentive whenever the water gets backed up, but with low downstream water it doesn't hold very well. Strong eddy service on both sides of the river.

The underwater old dam just downstream of double chute is dangerous and needs to be removed. There is rebar below this drop about 50 feet. It can be a concern at lower levels (like below 750 cfs) or when you swim!


Gage Descriptions

Drainage area at gauge is 518 square miles.

Directions Description

Directions from downtown Dallas
Take the I-30 WEST exit towards FT WORTH, exit #428D - go 32.8 mi
Take the UNIVERSITY DR exit towards CITY PARKS, exit #12 - go 0.1 mi
Bear left on S UNIVERSITY DR - go 0.4 mi
Take a right into University Park. Follow the road around to the second parking lot on left.
This will put you at the second dam known as First Drop or Santa's Chute.

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County to Vote to Extend Closure on Guadalupe Tonight (TX)

Jason Robertson

The Comal County Commissioner's Court is taking measures that will restrict access to the Guadalupe River indefinitely. AW's primary objective on the Guadalupe is to restore access as soon as possible and to make sure that boater access does not impede on-going rescue and recovery efforts.

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