Denton Creek - Just below Grapevine Dam (PnP)

Denton Creek, Texas, US


Just below Grapevine Dam (PnP) (Grapevine Wave)

Usual Difficulty II+ (for normal flows)
Length 0.1 Miles
Avg. Gradient 80 fpm

Grapevine Wave in July

Grapevine Wave in July
Photo of Robert H by Ben B taken 7-04 @ 1220cfs

Gauge Information

Name Range Difficulty Updated Level
Denton Ck nr Grapevine, TX
usgs-08055000 450 - 1350 cfs II+ 00h57m 1190 cfs (running)

River Description

This is a great spot to bring beginners to work on rolls, ferries, eddy turns, and peel-outs.

Level Description
400-775 cfs At this level, there is a small hole on river left that is good for side surfing, and a small wave just to the right of the hole.  Eddy lines are OK at this level but a little shallow at the top of the eddy.
800-975 cfs This is the best level.  The hole has a two-foot foam pile but no vertical stuff (still too shallow.)  There is one small wave/hole to the right of the main hole, and in the center there is a nice two-foot wave.  Good level for squirts!
1000-1250 cfs At this level, the hole washes out.  The wave is still there, but it's a little hard to stay in.  Eddy lines are strong and deep at this level.
1350 cfs and above At this level, everything washes out.


The Grapevine gauge may give a hint as to the release level, but it will be affected by runoff as well.  New beta suggests that the streambed has shifted above the play spot, sending more water to river right than before.  A 700 cfs dam release (refer to the Army Corps of Engineers Fish Report >> TRINITY RIVER BASIN >> GRAPEVINE) is now the recommended minimum level.


Beta from paddlers says that the two gates described in the directions have "Keep Out" signs on them, but one paddler contacted the Army Corps and learned of a Memorandum of Understanding between the Corps and American Whitewater that waives these restrictions for whitewater boaters.

Update 3/2018:  A paddler has reported being turned away by security personnel despite mentioning the MOU.  Upon contacting the Corps of Engineers, he learned that they are no longer aware of any MOU.  The local paddling community is seeking information or assistance regarding regaining legal access to Denton Creek.


Flying golf balls, poison ivy, swarms of gnats, and fishing lines.

For more information, see Texas Whitewater.

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Rapid Descriptions

icon of message No rapids entered. If you know names, and locations of the rapids please contact and advise the StreamTeam member for this run.

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September 12 2010 (3047 days ago)
nstaton (152406)
level was 1520 first 2 waves surfable
May 3 2010 (3179 days ago)
Matt MuirDetails
teague swalm shared: want to suggest an update to the national river database --> texas -->
denton creek. directions are pretty good, but the two gates referenced both have 'get lost' signs
on them. i phoned the controlling authority, u.s. army corps of engineers,,, and learned of an
m.o.u. (memorandum of understanding) between aw (i assume) and the corps. as coming up w/ this beta
took a little digging on my part (at the cost of a paddling day), i would suggest posting a note to
this effect on the site. not many places to paddle here, so i hate to see someone inadvertently
dissuaded (is that a word?). let the rivers flow, swami