Difficulty III
Length 0.5 Miles
Flow Range 600 - 4000 CFS
Flow Rate as of: 2 hours ago 302 [CFS] ℹ️
Reach Info Last Updated 04/01/2019 6:49 pm

River Description

This is essentially one half-mile rapid (I.E., not a true falls as the name suggests), and is most often run as a companion piece to some of the other short runs in the area. After entering the park, drive to the end of the parking lot and carry up the hill. You may notice a sign reading "Dam" on the far side of the river near the put-in. This is about the only remainder of the former hydroelectric dam that was at this location.

The rapids sequence starts with minor bedrock intrusions which form several tame surfing waves (one of which is usually wide enough to entertain three or four boaters at once). Just downstream the river drops off a sloping ledge of about 5' and slams into a large boulder near center stream. Normally this is run to the right but there is an eddy to the left at the bottom if you're up for the ferry across the face of the rock.

After a brief recovery zone, the river tilts downhill again through some boulders. The second set are nicely offset, making for an interesting variety of lines. At high flows, these boulders become pourovers that you'll probably want to avoid. Just downstream, the river bends to the right, with wood often collecting in the outside of the bend (a potential hazard to be aware of especially if someone swims). As the river approaches the bridge into the park, it eases back into the lazy mode it has along much of it's length. Take-out on the right upstream of the bridge and, if you're like us, you'll probably want to carry back up and do it again.

As this reach is fairly short, you may wish to combine it with one or more of these other reaches which are close by for a Shawano County double or triple header.

Rapid Descriptions


Gage Descriptions

Recommended minimum: 600cfs.
As with most Midwest streams, "mo' wata is mo' betta" (I.E., there is no real maximum within historical flow range.)

The cited gauge lies 10 miles down stream from the put-in for this reach, and is downstream of two good-sized tributary streams. As a result, actual flow in this reach is perhaps 60% of gauge reading. (I.E., above stated minimum on gauge would imply approximately 360 cfs in this reach.)

Gauge/flow analysis (based on most recent 23 years effective data)
Drainage area at gauge: 384 sq.mi.
Minimum daily mean flow during record period: 51 cfs
90% of time flow exceeds: 117 cfs
10% of time flow exceeds: 698 cfs
Maximum daily mean flow during record period: 4650 cfs
10/90 ratio ('flashy-ness'): 5.97 (under 3 is fairly steady, over 10 is quite 'flashy')
Average runnable days per year: 50

Directions Description

Shuttle is via walking back up in the park.

For this reason, we have set the directions here to show drive time, distance, and directions from your default zipcode. Use the text entry box to input your home or other starting location to get travel time, distance, and directions from any location to this park.

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