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Difficulty IV+
Length 0 Miles
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River Description

Check out the description and photos on Oregon Kayaking. Lat/longitude coords are a SWAG, especially of the putin.

An updated Trip Report of the gorge section from Wheels and Water.

This stream usually still has water a couple of days after many of the other streams in Oregon have run low.

For the shortened/easier run, launch at NF 2408 instead of at the coordinates listed here. There are a couple miles of class II before reaching the class III rapid at Salmon Creek Campground.  Scout the III because it catches wood.  Immediately below there is Salmon Creek Falls which is an easy slide on the left, or a more significant single drop on the right.  After this drop the whitewater returns to class 2 until the class III mini-gorge.  Continue to watch for wood as some obstacles must be portaged.

The mini-gorge is easily scoutable on the shuttle, parking at the gate on a side road and walking downstream on a good trail to see the class III drops and investigate the wood situation.  A possible takeout is the wooden stair at the end of the mini-gorge.

Below this point the gradient is less and there are more obstacles, including one massive log jam in 2018.  This log jam funnels boaters and wood toward river right, so if there is a way to get through to a left channel early on, that might be the best route.  Lots more class II whitewater and wood obstacles await, until you reach the railroad bridge and immediately below it the weir.  The weir is an easy run but scout for wood before committing.  Below the weir the whitewater picks up a little bit for just under a mile to a possible takeout on river right at the Fish Hatchery Bridge.

Rapid Descriptions

Salmon Creek Falls

Class - IV Mile - 0
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A basalt ledge forms a slide on the left and a steeper drop on the right.  Total height around 6 feet.  Beefy holes appear at higher flows.


Class - III Mile - 0
Rapid Thumbnail Missing

Just after the RR bridge but before Fish Hatchery Road bridge is a 10' tall sloped concrete weir.  Scout left for wood.


No Gage

Gage Descriptions

Complex calculations suggested in Soggy sneakers.  Pat Welch flow page has an estimate.  Holds groundwater (snowmelt?) in the springtime, has more water than you might expect.

Directions Description

We have no additional detail on this route. Use the map below to calculate how to arrive to the main town from your zipcode.

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Oregon Waterway Access Bill Set to Become Law

Priscilla Macy

This week, Oregon House Bill 2835 re-passed the Oregon House on a 52-7 vote. Having earlier cleared the Senate, the bill now awaits a signature from the Governor to be signed into law. For decades, opportunities to protect and improve the ability of the public to access and legally use waterways for recreation have seen minimal progress, while efforts to severely limit access have been a consistent threat. Oregon House Bill 2835 is a pivotal piece of legislation in Oregon, and the first proactive waterway access bill in recent history to have made it through the state legislature.


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