Paint - MI DNR campground to Horserace Rapids (1.5 miles)

Paint, Michigan, US


MI DNR campground to Horserace Rapids (1.5 miles)

Usual Difficulty II(III) (varies with level)
Length 1.5 Miles
Avg. Gradient 27 fpm
Max Gradient 61 fpm

Horserace at high water

Horserace at high water
Photo of Highwater wavetrain at takeout by Carl Alwine

Gauge Information

Name Range Difficulty Updated Level
usgs-04062000 200 - 600 cfs II-III+(IV) 01h06m 622 cfs (too high)
Unusually high flow. Gauge (631 sq.mi. drainage) is just upstream of put-in, thus very accurately reflects flow in this reach. Flow regulated by dam with scheduled releases.

River Description

While put-in is possible at Little Bull Dam, Wisconsin Electric Recreation Area #22 (as formerly listed in the heading for this reach), doing so requires putting in on (and ferrying across) a diversion canal, then portaging the berm between it and the natural river channel. Additionally, using this put-in makes a rather long shuttle. While some maps show a Little Bull Rapids in this area, it is inundated by the impoundment. The 1.5 miles downstream of the dam is quietwater, broken only by a few riffles.

The recommended put-in (which eliminates much of the quietwater paddle and considerably shortens the shuttle) is located off of a dirt 'double-track' on the West side of the road (airport side) just before the paved road turns to gravel. Follow this road past a grassy area where the airport runway comes into view on the left. Just after this point, WE Energies has constructed a primitive campground at the recommended (short) put-in for this reach. In addition to the campsite, there is a vault toilet and parking area. MI DNR will be mowing the path to the river. There have been signs with a tent icon installed indicating the location and also assisting boaters in locating the put-in.

The 1/2 mile of flatwater is very pretty, and enjoyable. The heavily wooded shores and the lack of any development makes the river seem very wild and remote. Not far past a large island on river right, the river makes a bend to the right and the rapids begin.

The rapids are in close proximity to one another and, at high flows, will merge together into one long rapid with big waves. The first drop is a fairly straightforward class II boulderbed drop on a turn to the left. At 250 cfs a rock splits the main flow. You can either slide up onto the rock and slide down its left side, or you can go right of it. To the right is the smoother (more usual) run. This is followed shortly by a similar drop that ends in a fast flume turning back to the right. The river here is flanked by big granite boulders river-left and a small cliff with overhanging pines river-right. A moving-water pool of about 100 yards precedes the next drops.

The next three are in such close proximity that they are effectively all one drop at all but the lowest flows. A short boulderbed pitch leads into a hard turn to the right followed by more boulder bed. There is a large eddy on the left and then the river drops off a low broken ledge followed by a short pool with eddies on both left and right before falling over the final pitch -- class II at lower flows moving into class III territory when higher. There is a fun playhole at the base of the 2nd pitch. The eddy on river left provides easy access to it. The only downside is that if you have a weak roll you may get swept over the final 5' drop upside down. There is continuous light boulder bed for perhaps 200 yards from here into Horserace proper, which is located around the next bend.

Horserace Rapids is a boulder bed drop that is somewhat technical, with a final narrow chute right-of-center at the bottom -- class II+ at lower flows and class III when higher. There are actually two options at the bottom. The best route is through the center between two rocks. The approach to the center chute is complicated as the approach is from river left, cutting river right and then back left so that you can fit between the two center rocks. An easier route (and safer for beginners) is to stay left and go left of the center two rocks. It is possible to unintentionally rock spin here, off the left most of the center two rocks, as I have seen happen to several beginning boaters, but the possibility of a pin is greatly reduced in running this side. Perhaps another 80 yards of minor boulderbed exists before one reaches the backwaters of Paint Pond, another impoundment. Carry out between the large rocks on river right, and hike a good pathway and stairs up to the parking area.

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The following YouTube video (from MnktoDave) gives a great boaters-eye-view of this reach:

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Rapid Summary

Mile Rapid Name Class Features (Legend)
-0.5USGS Gauge locationN/A

Rapid Descriptions

USGS Gauge location (Class N/A, Mile -0.5)

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