Warwoman Creek - Earl's Ford Road to Chattooga River

Warwoman Creek, Georgia, US


Earl's Ford Road to Chattooga River

Usual Difficulty II-III (for normal flows)
Length 7.2 Miles
Avg. Gradient 23 fpm
Max Gradient 40 fpm

Warwoman Creek

Warwoman Creek
Photo of John Schultise by Will Reeves taken 1991 @ 2.5 on the Chattooga

Gauge Information

Name Range Difficulty Updated Level
usgs-02177000 1.80 - 5.00 ft II-III 00h41m 2.46 ft (running)

River Description

Warwoman Creek is a good Class II-III introduction to creek boating.

From Clayton:  Go north on US 23.  Turn right onto Warwoman Road just after the US76 West traffic light.  Continue on Warwoman Road for 8.3 miles.  Turn right onto Earl's Ford Road.  The put-in is on the left just after crossing the first bridge over Warwoman Creek.

From Russell Bridge (Hwy 28 over Chattooga River):  Go west on GA 23.  Turn left on Warwoman Road (towards Clayton).  Continue on Warwoman Road for 5.6 miles.  Turn left onto Earl's Ford Road.  The put-in is on the left just after crossing the first bridge over Warwoman Creek.

Shuttle Directions:  From the put-in, return on Earl's Ford Road to Warwoman Road.  Turn left on Warwoman Road.  Go 2.3 miles down Warwoman Road.  Turn left on Sandy Ford Road.  Follow Sandy Ford Road.  This will require one left turn.  Watch the street signs.  The road will ford Dick's Creek.  Continue to the end of the road at Sandy Ford.  Beware of river levels when parking.  The Chattooga River does rise into the parking area at high water.

Water Quality:  Good to fair.  Water quality is generally muddy when the creek is runnable.  There are many tires along the creek and the occasional eddy full of trash from roadside camping on Earl's Ford Road.

Permits: Permits are required to boat the Chattooga, the last 3.0 miles of this run.  Permits are free and are available by self-registration at frequently used put-ins along the Chattooga, all of which are on the South Carolina side of the river.  No permit boxes are located convenient to this run.

For more information on the last 3.0 miles of this run, see the Chattooga - Section 3 - Earls Ford to Route 76 Bridge American Whitewater site.

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Rapid Summary

Mile Rapid Name Class Features (Legend)
2.8Warwoman FordAccess
4.2Earl's FordAccess
6.7Dick's Creek LedgeIII

Rapid Descriptions

Intro (Class II, Mile 0.8)

Warwoman Creek

Warwoman Creek
Photo of Will Reeves by William Reeves taken 1993 @ 2.0 feet at US 76

Run the tongue down the middle.

Mattress (Class III, Mile 1.3)


Photo of Laura Morrison by Will Reeves taken 1993 @ 2.0 feet at US 76

Run down the slide on river right. This slide becomes very shallow at lower water levels. Most of the water runs down the main chute left of the slide into a rock at the bottom.

Pinball (Class II+, Mile 1.8)
Start from the eddy on river left above the rapid. Run down the left side, cutting back to the right at the bottom. Beware of logs stuck in this rapid.

Warwoman Ford
Earl's Ford Road fords Warwoman Creek. This is an alternate take-out for a short run. Warwoman Ford is generally not passable when the creek is runnable.

Finale (Class II, Mile 3.1)
Run the tongue down the middle.

Earl's Ford
Warwoman Creek flows into the Chattooga at Earl's Ford. This is not a recommended access point as Warwoman Ford is generally not passable when the creek is runnable and the shuttle to the Earl's Ford access on the South Carolina side of the Chattooga is extremely long.

Dick's Creek Ledge (Class III, Mile 6.7)
Scout from the rock expose on river center or from the bank on river right.

User Comments

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January 25 2014 (1817 days ago)
JamesW (155032)
Ran War Woman today (1-25-14). Low runnable (1.9 on internet gauge) (1.2 on gauge at Earls Ford Rd
ford. Several river wide strainers, most were easy to get around or step over, but be careful.
Pinball has wood in it at the top and required a portage around the rapid.
April 1 2009 (3576 days ago)
paul downingDetails
We ran Warwoman between 2.5-3' on the USGS gauge and I got to say this is a fun run. We were
excepting a so-so Class II run but got much more than we excepted. Mattress & Pinball and this one
unnamed rapid between them where the water folds over itself were pretty big and a lot more
challenging than we thought.....I'd give them a solid Class III at that level. The only down side
to this run is ALL the deadfall on the creek and the long stretches of flatwater but a great run if
you are not really feeling Sec3 or 4 at 2.5-3' or just want to try something different.
July 16 2007 (4202 days ago)
Robert MaxwellDetails
I painted a paddler's gage on the put-in bridge 7/14/07. It can be easily seen from the put-in
parking lot. The gage is on river left, on the downstream side of the bridge. Please report your
levels and if you thought it was low, medium or high, so we can dial this gage in and get new
correlations for Warwoman. E-mail me at h2olevelcheck@hotmail.com with your levels. Thanx -- Rob
February 25 2006 (4707 days ago)
Chuck NeeseDetails
We ran Warwoman three weeks ago when the Chattooga was at 2.3. The bottom of Pinball was completly
blocked with a pine tree. You could not see the tree unless you bank scout it. If you do choose to
run the left shoot you will find yourself with a pine tree just above the deck of your boat. There
is a very small chute on far river right that can be run. There was also a lot of new wood in the
July 28 2005 (4920 days ago)
David IsraelDetails
7/23/2005 My son & I ran Warwoman at 2.68 feet from the last bridge down to Warwoman Ford,
about 2.78 miles by GPS in canoes with floatation. Wow, That was fun. Mattress is great! We enjoyed
the challange and the intro to Creekin'. But, Beware! There are significant strainers and
deadfalls. None required that we leave the creek and only one was not passable without a momentary
exit. Pins are a constant threat at the strainers and caution is required as you approach from
upstream in the bigger water.
The listings here accurately represent the difficulty though I agree with one submitter that
Mattress is nearly a IV: it is really several rapids that constitute an 11 foot drop overall with
ample oppurtunites to pin and swim! Rescue is hindered by the steep banks, the lack of pools,
inability of others to get to you, the canoeist must have mastered very complex eddie-ins,
eddie-outs and ferries to safely complete...MORE than a III+ in my book. We got wet more than once
but usually as we eaked-out all of the good from each rapid! It took us four hours in the water and
was rather tiring. But, we are not as accomplished as some. The hike is listed as two miles in the
shuttle but it is an easy 2 miles. This creek is highly recommended and very fun at this level.
June 14 2005 (4964 days ago)
Hey, ya think upper tallulah would be a better gauge for this one?? Similar sized drainage.
September 27 2003 (5590 days ago)
dark sideDetails
We ran this 9/26/03 at 2.0. There were about 6 trees that we had to get over and most could be
gotten over without leaving the boat. This was a very fun run with little flat water and beautiful
scenery. There are a lot of no name rapids on this. At mattress you can scout on river right. The
slide on the right seems to pull you back to the left and it pulled patio straight into a pin above
the lower rock. It was a 15 minute struggle to free the boat. I would run the slide as far to the
right as possible (flow will limit how far). The picture of Will R. is to the left of the slide.
Also when you get to a rapid that breaks right and left and is jambed with big trees (not sure if
it has a name). Patio got his boat pinned again on the left side. You could not run the right but
if you run the left side it seems to want to pull you towards the tree as you get close to it so
watch out. But this was a great run and I will run it again.
October 10 2002 (5941 days ago)
Kevin MillerDetails
I ran this creek on 9/29/02 and it is in need of a chainsaw. Although the rapids are mostly clean,
the number of deadfalls and strainers will strongly deter me from running this river again for many
October 1 2002 (5950 days ago)
Matt MuirDetails
"Paddleman," whoever that is, contributed:

Use AW's site to find the map. (editor's note: click above right for the Tiger, TopoZone, or
MapBlast map.) Put in at the last bridge over Warwoman Creek on the little gravel road. Take out at
Sandy Ford on the Georgia side. You could take out at the confluence, but that wouldn't be as much
fun as running some of Section 3 at big water.

Beware of Dick's Creek ledge at 5 feet or more. It forms a pretty big hole that killed a rafter a
few years ago. Scout on the right, or far left.

Warwoman is covered in the video "Deliver Me From The Paddlesnake". It is mostly class 3,
with a marginal 4 called Mattress. But, it is a good intro to creekin.