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Difficulty I-II
Length 52 Miles
Gauge Crooked Creek at Yellville
Flow Range 10.50 - 16.00 FT
Flow Rate as of: 1 second ago N/A
Reach Info Last Updated 01/24/2009 12:29 pm

River Description

This long reach may be broken into numerous shorter sections.

Rapid Descriptions


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H C Chadbourn
13 years ago

As of 2/18/2007, there no longer appears to be any public access at Hwy 101. Arkansas Game and Fish has constructed a public boat ramp 0.9 miles downstream of Hwy 101; the turn off Hwy 101 is north of the Crooked Creek crossing and well marked. The float from here down to the Ranchette Access boat ramp on the White is a good day float (~9.1 miles total distance). At a level of 14.3 feet on the Yellville gauge, the water was fast and flowing through the willow trees with enough force to create problems for unwary or beginning paddlers. No major hazards such as fences were seen. You may encounter slower water near the end of this trip if the White River is high and backed up into Crooked Creek. There appears to be a major willow jungle just downsteam of the Hwy 101 bridge that will present safety problems for paddlers at some levels. The “minimum level of 7.0” reported by Wendy appears to be based on readings before January, 2007. USGS data shows gauge “zero point” was reset about that time frame. Minimum level by the new settings is going to be somewhere around 13 feet, but this is a guess only at this point. Locations are: Access Ramp below Hwy 101: N36.2360 W92.5360 Ranchette boat ramp on White N36.2038 W92.4780

Gage Descriptions

Recommended flow from Wendy Patton was 7 feet as a medium level. However, appearances are the gauge has changed since that recommendation. We are using a new recommendation of 10.5 feet. Anyone with additional comments or input on 'best' levels (min and max) to help refine this value is welcomed to contribute via the "Comments" tab, "Add a comment" button.

Directions Description

We have no additional detail on this route. Use the map below to calculate how to arrive to the main town from your zipcode.

Date Flow Result Factor  
2020-05-16 High Fatality High Water Read More




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