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Difficulty III-IV
Length 0.5 Miles
Gauge Brunsweiler
Flow Range 100 - 300 CFS
Flow Rate as of: 52 minutes ago ~ 27.1318 [CFS] ℹ️
Reach Info Last Updated 10/15/2008 8:35 am

River Description

This is a short section of nice water that is almost never run (Heck, even the upper and lower section are tough to catch 'up'.) It can be used as an alternate put in for the Upper Brunsweiler (Beaver Dam lake to Spring Brook Road). The down side is that there is 2 miles of flat water between the two sections.

Put in on FR 1412, an access road to Mineral Lake. Be sure to park well off to the side of the road at the put in so large vehicles can get by very easily. Alternately (if there is not sufficient room for parking and passage), you could drop your boats off then head back toMineral Lake Road to park and walk back to your boats to put in. This is a courtesy to the homeowner at the end of FR 1412 since it is a dead end road.

Paddle across to the Northwest end of the lake and begin your ride. The river begins with a bang right out of the lake with a nice drop that can be run on either side of the island. Get out on the left to look at the drop and if you choose to portage, the right is better. This is a class IV- drop with a couple of hazards to watch for. The right channel has some vertical pinning potential and the left side often has wood in the channel. There is a few pretty nice Class II and III rapids beyond this and then comes the flat water. If you want to hit the Upper Brunsweiler, keep going under the bridge and it's fun begins 2 miles beyond.

Rapid Descriptions

Island Drop - Right

Class - IV Mile - 0.2

The right side requires a hard turn right, then immediately left, to pitch across an upturned flake of rock (potential pin concern, or boat abuse), then a much more reasonable runout.

Island Drop - Left

Class - IV Mile - 0.2

A steep pitch (into a potentially problematic hole) then runs into a block of rock. (Perhaps with enough water, this fills in and smooths out.)

Rocky Drop

Class - III+ Mile - 0.3

The other 'significant' drop is a boulder affair, heading straight into a vertical wall of rock. A hard move to avoid high-speed impact leads to the pool below.

USGS sampling site

Class - N/A Mile - 0.5
Rapid Thumbnail Missing

USGS lists a sampling site at Mineral Lake Road (listed take-out) showing drainage area as 40 square miles.


Gage Descriptions

*This is a virtual gauge. The only currently active USGS gauge on this watershed is well downstream on the Bad River, thus is not completely reliable for water levels in this reach. Specifically, this reach will flow sooner than the downstream gauge rises to a level which results in the virtual gauge showing as 'boatable'. Similarly, this reach will fall to unboatable levels well before the downstream gauge falls enough to flag this reach as unboatable.

Visual inspection is recommended.

The listed "recommended minimum" is based off of the '10% flow' (which tends to be a good starting point to approximate the runnability of many 'upper Midwest' whitewater streams). The listed "recommended maximum" is a 'guesstimation' based solely upon streams of similar sized and character. As such, both of these values are highly tentative. We encourage anyone who has run this river to provide info ('data points') on gauge readings versus runnability. Please use the "Comments" tab, "Add a comment" button.

Directions Description

It is highly unlikely that anyone will do this short reach all by itself. Rather, they are likely to also plan on doing the 'Upper Brunsweiler' and likely also the 'Lower Brunsweiler'. The 'coin toss' will be whether to set shuttle for this short piece, then set shuttle again for the Upper and/or Lower, or (alternately) to do the whole thing ('Upper Upper', 'Upper', and 'Lower') with just one shuttle, biting the bullet on the two-full-miles of flatwater (including paddling across Beaver Dam Lake) between the 'Upper Upper' and the 'Upper'.

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