San Gabriel - Georgetown to Jonah (10 miles)

San Gabriel, Texas, US


Georgetown to Jonah (10 miles)

Usual Difficulty II+ (for normal flows)
Length 10 Miles
Avg. Gradient 9 fpm

Gauge Information

Name Range Difficulty Updated Level
San Gabriel Below Georgetown
virtual-142180 1600 - 5000 cfs II+ 00h18m 4.05 cfs (too low)

River Description

At the right levels (beta from paddlers indicates that 4000 cfs is probably ideal), this stretch of the San Gabe offers some great playboating opportunities-- particularly in the last 5.75 miles (below the Berry Creek confluence.)  For more information, see Texas Whitewater.

NOTE:  Many whitewater boaters choose to put in on Berry Creek at the FM 971 bridge, since the best rapids are below the confluence.  This makes the total run 6.25 miles instead of 10.

Distances and gradient measured using GIS tools in 2015.


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Rapid Summary

Mile Rapid Name Class Features (Legend)
0.0San Gabriel ParkN/APutin
0.0FM 971 Bridge (Berry Creek)N/AAccess
0.1College St. BridgeN/A
0.6Railroad bridgeN/A
0.7Low-Head DamN/A
1.4NE Inner LoopN/AAccess
1.9SH 130 bridgesN/A
4.2Berry Creek ConfluenceN/A
7.2SH 29 BridgeN/AAccess
7.2CR 100 (Low-Water Crossing)N/APortage Hazard
10.0FM 1660 BridgeN/ATakeout

Rapid Descriptions

San Gabriel Park (Class N/A)

Parking/access at river left.  Put in below the low-water crossing.

FM 971 Bridge (Berry Creek) (Class N/A)

Alternate put-in on Berry Creek, which allows whitewater boaters to concentrate on the rapids and play spots below the confluence -- subtracts 3.75 miles from the total distance.

Parking/access is available on the SW (river right, downstream) side of the bridge.

College St. Bridge (Class N/A, Mile 0.1)

Reference point

Railroad bridge (Class N/A, Mile 0.6)

Reference point

Low-Head Dam (Class N/A, Mile 0.7)

Should be runnable at center

NE Inner Loop (Class N/A, Mile 1.4)

Parking/access available at river right

SH 130 bridges (Class N/A, Mile 1.9)

Reference point (no access)

Berry Creek Confluence (Class N/A, Mile 4.2)

Reference point

SH 29 Bridge (Class N/A, Mile 7.2)

Parking/access at river left on the downstream side of the bridge

CR 100 (Low-Water Crossing) (Class N/A, Mile 7.2)

Known to be hazardous.  At least one boater has been swept under this crossing at high water.  Portage on river left.

FM 1660 Bridge (Class N/A, Mile 10.0)

Parking/access at river right on the downstream side of the bridge

User Comments

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September 12 2007 (3938 days ago)
x (1)
this run is a pretty good run. Lots of waves to surf on and Lots of small to medium rapids. Wad
better then I thought it was. Only thing is the water is not so good. WAY better then the section
below the dam. to Georgetown. We got out at Jonah and im glad we did some nice rapids the last

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