North Grape Creek (current beta needed) - RM 1631 to Sandy (14.7 miles)

North Grape Creek (current beta needed), Texas, US


RM 1631 to Sandy (14.7 miles)

Usual Difficulty II-III+ (for normal flows)
Length 14.7 Miles
Avg. Gradient 26 fpm

Gauge Information

Name Range Difficulty Updated Level
Pedernales Rv nr Johnson City, TX
usgs-08153500 20000 - 50000 cfs II-III+ 01h04m 154 cfs (too low)

River Description

Known to have been run, per Texas Whitewater.  Difficulty rating and range of recommended flow are taken from the book.  Distances and gradient measured using GIS tools in 2015.

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Last Updated: 2015-07-12 21:30:00

Rapid Summary

Mile Rapid Name Class Features (Legend)
0.0RM 1631 Low-Water Crossing (Willow Creek)N/APutin
3.0Willow Creek / N. Grape Creek ConfluenceN/A
13.1Sandy School Rd (Low-Water Crossing)N/AHazard
14.7RM 1320 Low-Water CrossingN/ATakeout Hazard

Rapid Descriptions

RM 1631 Low-Water Crossing (Willow Creek) (Class N/A)

The listed put-in is along Willow Creek, not N. Grape Creek.  The book mentions that the navigability status of both creeks above the confluence is "questionable" and that the only "hassle-free" way to run N. Grape is to get permission from a landowner and put in below the confluence.  GIS measurements show that Willow Creek does appear to meet the requirements for statutory navigability at least as far up as the RM 1631 crossing, so it is at least less questionable than the upper reach of N. Grape.  Willow Creek is also a more direct and remote route to the confluence.  However, please note that statutory navigability is no guarantee of freedom from barbed wire fences and irate landowners.

Willow Creek / N. Grape Creek Confluence (Class N/A, Mile 3.0)

Reference point

Sandy School Rd (Low-Water Crossing) (Class N/A, Mile 13.1)

May create a hazard at certain levels

RM 1320 Low-Water Crossing (Class N/A, Mile 14.7)

May create a hazard at certain levels.

NOTE:  It is also possible to paddle North Grape out into the Pedernales, which adds 2 miles to this run.  However, because of a 15-foot dam near the mouth of the creek, there are few rapids on this stretch.  Also, the Pedernales is likely to be above recommended if North Grape is runnable.


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