Deckers Creek - 3. Rt. 7 to Monongahela

Deckers Creek, West Virginia, US


3. Rt. 7 to Monongahela

Usual Difficulty II-III (for normal flows)
Length 6 Miles
Avg. Gradient 27 fpm
Max Gradient 60 fpm

Gauge Information

Name Range Difficulty Updated Level
usgs-03062500 150 - 500 cfs II-III 00h57m 549 cfs (too high)

River Description

Gradient, by mile: 30, 60, 20, 20, 15, 15.

Conservation organization: check out Friends of Deckers Creek.

StreamTeam Status: Not Verified
Last Updated: 2003-09-25 17:44:03

Rapid Descriptions

icon of message No rapids entered. If you know names, and locations of the rapids please contact and advise the StreamTeam member for this run.

User Comments

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April 21 2017 (308 days ago)
SlimKayak (158802)
Ran this at 676cfs, was a great time.
May 18 2011 (2474 days ago)
Jkfallin (152844)
There is a new tree down in lower Deckers about a half mile down from Dellslow bridge. There is no
way around on the right, on left is a 2-3 ft slot you can slip through, or an easier quick portage.
March 10 2011 (2543 days ago)
Jkfallin (152844)
I ran this after class early February at 500 cfs in a playboat. I started upstream of the slide
above the bridge and took out at the big parking lot beside the hotel after going under the
overpass. It was a fun run, but at this level the first mile or so is pretty nonstop. Nothing
really surprising, but if you struggle hitting eddies then try it at a lower level unless you are
in a group. After the first part it really calms down and is rather uneventful. The slide and rapid
above the bridge looks meatier than it really is at this level, just stay away from the left side
which looked to have some type of metal or logs jammed in a strong hole over there. Otherwise, all
boat scoutable, and as of February there was a way through all the downed trees if you stay with
the current. Also, for any who care, nice little surf waves develope at several ledges, including
one around the overpass, if you are learning to surf, then try it out when levels are high.
April 17 2009 (3235 days ago)
Kevin SchultzeDetails
At 350cfs the bridge outside Marilla Park can become a problem for everybody. We had to exit the
boats and sort of walk them under low bridge. There are two small arches. The middle arch (right)
has a large underwater structure right before entering and then drops off. Safer to swim under the
left side. Had a great time throughout the run though. Very easy access in and out
April 5 2009 (3247 days ago)
Kevin SchultzeDetails
Ran at 250cfs today. Proved to be challending during the first 1/2 mile and fun throughout. Hardly
had to worry about shallow areas at all. Please note the very low bridge when approaching Marilla
Park in Sabraton (about 1mi outside of Morgantown). One of our taller kayaker's had to beach and
walk the structure.
March 27 2009 (3256 days ago)
x (1)
Very nice 6 mi run for beginners and intermediates. Starts off with some fun II's and a III here or
there mixed in, with the last half pretty easy. The creek gets progressively calmer as you near
Morgantown and provides great scenery. There is a jogging/biking trail that follows the creek
nearby for the majority of the run, but other than that, you probably won't see anybody else out
there LOCATION START: Good Start point is at the intersection of Pixler Hill rd and Rt. 7 (earl
core rd.). If coming from Morgantown or I-68, Pixler Hill rd is about 1/8th of a mile before Tyrone
rd. At the intersection of Pixler Hill and Rt. 7 there is a bridge crossing the creek. This is
where we put in, but parking was hard to come by. We ended up leaving the car on the side of an
offstreet after dropping the kayaks off. LOCATION END: A good public lot at the end point is at
Hazel Ruby McQuain Riverfront Park. This is where the creek dumps out into the Monongahela river.
It is also near the intersection of Beechurst and the Westover Bridge in Morgantown. Any parking
down by the river near this is suitable as you can paddle to you car's area. Also, if you want a
shorter trip or one omitting the easy stuff, you can park near the exit of I-68 and rt.7 (sabreton
exit) as your endpoint. There is a big gravel area near the offramp where you can park without
trouble. This will be a 2.5 mile run or so of mainly II and III. WARNING: Starting your run any
further east (away from Morgantown) down Rt. 7 is very difficult. Just scouting all the large
boulders and drops made me a little nervous. Some real IV's and V's that way. Experts only.
Everything west of Tyrone rd. and Pixler Hill Rd is realtively safe though.

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