Elsey Run - from county road to Cheat River

Elsey Run, West Virginia, US


from county road to Cheat River

Usual Difficulty V+ (for normal flows)
Length 3.4 Miles
Avg. Gradient 371 fpm
Max Gradient 490 fpm

Ace Joe Stumpfel on Elsey Run

Ace Joe Stumpfel on Elsey Run
Photo of Joe Stumpfel by Ian Downard taken 04/23/06 @ Big Sandy level 7.5

River Description

This is one of the steepest runs in the area, dropping at an 800-fpm rate for a quarter mile, according to JB Seay. Check out his description, with some great photos, of a run in the winter of 2009; click here.


There's a serious access problem on this crick; one landowner has reportedly threatened to shoot kayakers if he sees them. For this reason, JB Seay recommends parking at the takeout for Daugherty Run, just downstream on the Cheat, and moving quickly when checking levels or finishing a run.


Click here for a 260k video of the Zone Dogg running a boof on this stream. Click here for a 451k video of the Zone Dogg's first attempt at a slide; Click here for a 471k video of his second, better attempt.

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Last Updated: 2009-02-10 06:05:23


Rapid Descriptions

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User Comments

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April 28 2006 (4647 days ago)
ian downardDetails
No point in writting a howto for this creek. For your own safety, scout *everything*. Strainers and
undercuts abound.
November 8 2005 (4819 days ago)
Mike VanderbergDetails
Just a reminder: Last summer a good friend of mine from WVU obtained permission from the landowner
at the end of the run to sample Elzey Run for fish. He noted that the landowner couldn't stop
talking about how much he hated kayakers, and that he wouldn't hesitate to shoot anyone floating
down the creek in front of his house. Apparently he doesn't have too much to lose...