Glade Creek (Manns Creek tributary) - Babcock State Park to the confluence with Manns Creek

Glade Creek (Manns Creek tributary), West Virginia, US


Babcock State Park to the confluence with Manns Creek

Usual Difficulty V+ (for normal flows)
Length 1.9 Miles

Final Boof Pilage & Plunder - Pete Iscaro

Final Boof Pilage & Plunder - Pete Iscaro
Photo of Pete Iscaro by John Petretich taken 3/2005 @ 2.5

Gauge Information

Name Range Difficulty Updated Level
usgs-03190400 1500 - 3000 cfs V+ 5y18d01h37m 595 cfs (too low)

River Description

Named Rapids include:
Gristmill Falls
Pillage & Plunder

These rapids are above the second footbridge allowing an easy retreat if you find yourself in over your head. There is a road that is access to rental cabins that you can use to walk back to the parking lot.

Shortly afterwards you will hit the main stem of Manns Creek and continue down to the New River just across from Cunard. Standard takeout these days is at Keeneys creek. Makes for a reasonable shuttle.

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Last Updated: 2005-12-24 04:37:20


Rapid Summary

Mile Rapid Name Class Features (Legend)
0.0Grist Mill FallsIVPutin Waterfall Photo
0.1SpillwayIIIWaterfall Photo
1.2Pillage and Plunder5.0

Rapid Descriptions

Grist Mill Falls (Class IV)

Gristmill Falls

Gristmill Falls
Photo of Bryan Tudor by Kathryn Tudor taken 08/31/03 @ 2 inches

Some people put on below the falls because it can be tricky to run and eazy to get hurt. There is a very clear launch piont in the center of the falls. However what you don't see is the water pushes hard away from the launch pad and toward the left. This is where you don't want to be. There is sort of a V notch/crack in the lip of the drop that wants to flip you then spit you over the lip of the falls. The landing is not very deep.

Spillway (Class III, Mile 0.1)

Sieve at the Put In

Sieve at the Put In
Photo by John Petretich taken 07/15/04

After Grist Mill Falls there is a large pool that is formed by and old spillway. Eazy 10 ft boof. From here the creek goes down hill and fast!

Gladiator (Class 5.0, Mile 0.6)

Gladiator from downstream

Gladiator from downstream
Photo by John Petretich taken 4/2005 @ 1 inch

After some fast water you will come to a fast moving, small pool. Take out on the left to scout. This is a three part drop. The first is a 4 ft boof over a large hole into very airated water. Dig in hard to avoid a huge backender. after you pull away from the hole you will see a large curler going around a rock. Brace into it and ride that around. Next will be a horizon line. Boof left off of the 5 ft drop to catch the eddy at the bottom or straight and continue down hill.

User Comments

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March 26 2008 (3913 days ago)
x (1)
Just got off of a dawn patrol Mann's Run with Todd Richendollar, Justin Burd and Wisconsin John.
(Note: A dawn patrol Mann's run after a night at Charlies is a horrible idea) Great day, good
weather and good water, but LOTS of new wood. We'll try and run tomorrow with a chainsaw, but
there's some bad's the skinny. 1) New logs across the top of "Pillage and Plunder" -
blocks the left and center lines at the top. Portage left (sucks) and put in to run the middle and
bottom. 2)Still a log right above "On-Ramp". Eddy out and Portage it on the right. 3) Big branch
blocking the left exit to "Crack". Boof the top, big left stroke on the landing, and the right exit
is good to go. 4) 1 Rapid below "Pick-a-slot", there's a tree in the exit. Easy to avoid...eddy out
right and ferry above it. 5) 2 Rapids below "Pick-a-slot" (directly after the one mentioned above)
there are 2 HORRIBLE logs that block the entire creek. This rapid involves starting on the left
side (going around and island basically) and working back right. The logs are in a blind spot, and
you CAN'T SEE THEM UNTIL YOU ARE ALREADY COMMITTED! There is a SMALL eddy directly on the left
above the logjam. Portage from there. There is also a smaller eddy on the right that works. This is
a horrible place for wood....lots of current, big logs...probably the ugliest wood I've ever seen
on Mann's. The nature of the situation would make it very hard to help a pinned boater....USE
CAUTION! 6) The second rapid below Liquid Drano has a log blocking the exit to the sweet boof in
the center. Run far right.... Hope that helps....Be careful out there! Brian Jennings
April 11 2004 (5357 days ago)
Just wanted to give an update on Manns Creek, West Virginia for the AW page:


About two months ago heavy rains made some significant riverbed changes to Manns creek. First off,
the gauge is different (actually that changed a while back when the park people modified the gauge
area). Zero is now more of a true
September 26 2003 (5556 days ago)
From Nov. 2002

From Boatertalk:
For those who run Mann's Creek, the river left gauge has changed. They put a bunch of concrete in
around the gauge rock, but the gauge still works. We ran it the other day at +8 inches, which
seemed to us to be more like +3 inches on the 'old' gauge. Some other people ran it around 0 and
said that seemed more like -4. I'd say the gauge actually has changed for the better, with 0 being
more of an accurate 'low' level, and 8 inches (the top mark on the gauge) being more of a realistic
top end. Most first timers run it around -3 or 4, so now I'd say -1 or 0 would be good low
Jimmy Blakeney
September 26 2003 (5556 days ago)
A huge group ran Mann's the saturday of Gauley fest at +2 inches. Sept 20 2003. Probably the
biggest crowd Manns has ever seen.
December 15 2002 (5841 days ago)
Matt MuirDetails
From Boater Talk:
Date: Dec 15 2002, 01:18
From: jblakeney

Updates for those running Manns:
Level today (Dec14th) was +3.5 inches, a great level, comparable to around zero before the gauge
changed. Now zero is a more like a true zero, with -1 being about minimum.

Lunatic Fringe has several trees down across the whole creek just below the drop. You can see them
from river left set up eddy, but be careful if you run it. We've been running it but it is possible
to be pushed into the trees if you screw up.

You Ain't Gonna Like This has changed. We've been portaging it a lot, only running it when it's
higher due to a big sieve opening up (which someone pinned in very badly earlier this year).
Scout/walk river left.

A few other trees, but nothing too bad. You can read trip reports of the past three days on the
creek at
WWW.PROKAYAKER.TV, go to calendar.

Have fun!

Jimmy Blakeney

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