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Difficulty IV
Length 3 Miles
Gauge East Fork Black River near Lesterville, MO
Flow Range 4.50 - 12.00 FT
Flow Rate as of: 38 minutes ago ~ 1.01 [FT] ℹ️
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River Description

(St. Francis tributary) Put-in requires walk across 2+ miles of private property.

Lower Rock Creek was first run on Saturday, 26 May 1990, by Kevin Olson, Chuck McHenry, Bruce Wagner, and John Tansil. An account of the run, written by Tansil, appeared in the Sept/Oct 1990 issue of the River Log, newsletter of the Missouri Whitewater Association.

This is a tough one. It runs very rarely, and then only briefly. The long hike to the putin complicates things, as do the many strainers and gorged-in spots that await you.

Here's a great account of when paddlers encountered it running very high. There was quite a bit of portaging.

Rapid Descriptions


Gage Descriptions

The USGS gauge is a crude indicator for runnability of this small creek. Better to look for 2" of rain within 24 hours at the Mill Creek rain gage and look for a sharp rise in the E Fork Black River. A paddler’s gauge is on the Hwy E bridge at the take-out. The gauge is new (1/8/2005) so the minimum level is uncertain ... maybe 2.4 ft.


Directions Description

Put-in requires walk across 2+ miles of private property.
From the MWA Message Board:
Most hikers get access to LRC from the east by walking up Wolf Hollow. To get there, take hwy 67 to hwy E to the Saint to Madison County Rd 511 and turn left on road up Wolf Hollow. Park at a "trailhead" and have a good map/compass/GPS as you find your way into LRC.
Madison County road 511 is the first gravel road east of the Hwy E iron bridge over the
Saint. On 511 go about 1/2 mile and when you cross the low water bridge turn left on to a "jeep" road and follow it until you get to a pipe gate--park in the pines as this is the trailhead.
Hike through the gate (bearing left) and after a while (a mile???) you will drop into LRC. There is no designated trail, only a "social" trail--not marked nor maintained. Hike up the creek and after the Cathedral the usual way back is to hike up Trackler Mtn., hit the ATV road, turn left and wind around back down to your vehicle.
Another thought would be to use your GPS (when on top of Trackler) and figure out where the top of Wolf Hollow is and drop down into it. It is another of Missouri’s beautiful spots. This would bring you back to the initial spot where you were bearing left on the way in.
This area is partly owned by Gaines Wood Products, Leo Drey, and the Mark Twain National Forest and is included in a Wilderness Proposal by the Missouri Wilderness Coalition

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