Difficulty II at this flow (II-III normally)
Length 0.3 Miles
Flow Range 1500 - 5000 CFS
Flow Rate as of: 1 hour ago 2640 [CFS] ℹ️
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River Description

In summer, 2012, the areas surrounding Piers Gorge, Quiver Falls, and Pemene Falls were incorporated into a State Recreation Area cooperatively operated by Michigan DNR and Wisconsin DNR. As a result, parking and access for each of these areas now requires either a daily or annual State Park sticker.

From the put in you will encounter a large island that splits the river into basically two routes.

1) River-left channel
This route begins with a (minor) ledge which has a large eddy on river-left just and offers some stern squriting and possible tame surfs. A small rock-island splits the main drop downstream. To the left of this island lies a short boof-drop, followed by a shallow hole (Woodchoke Hole). A friend of mine got window-shaded and broke his helmet when it struck a rock. Another kayaker was flipped, and had a rock punch completely through his outer ear. Fourteen stitches later, his ear looked more like a baseball than an ear. In the last year there have been reports of several other lacerations in this hole. So, consider yourself warned if you choose to play here!

The river-right side of this small rock-island has a more interesting twisted lead-in before it spills across a short (about 18-inch) ledge. Numerous rocks (just below the surface in the pool) severly limit the play potential here as well.

Just downstream, the main large island ends, and you will paddle across the right channel to beach and carry back to your vehicle (or to re-run the reach).

2) River-right channel
This side of the island is pretty much a continuous boulder-bed type drop which can develop decent size waves and a few small holes. Some features may offer some play opportunities, but most will be 'surf-on-the-fly' (all but impossible to regain). Again, take-out on river right to carry back up.

Note: This area is part of a preserve. In the past campers have left much litter on the mainland. To help reduce this they eliminated camping on the mainland, but you can park there overnight and camp on the island. (There are signs on the island explaining the situation.) Also, in summer this is a popular place for tubing. Many people take their tubes through the river-right channel, where they usually string up a river-wide rope (about neck high for a kayaker) across the bottom of the river-right channel. So heads up! (or down, or whatever.)

Getting There
From South on US141: Follow US141 to CR.R just North of Pembine. Head East on CR.R until you come to a fork in the road near a set of railroad tracks. There will be a sign on the tracks that says Kremlin. One fork (the main road) curves to the left, while the other heads towards and over the tracks before curving to the left. It follows the tracks for a few hundred yards before curving back to the right, where it shortly comes down to the river.

From Piers Gorge: Turn Right onto Hwy 8 from Piers Gorge Road and follow Hwy 8 across the Menominee River. Turn left on the first road you come to after crossing the Menominee. This road is called 'Old Hwy 8'. Follow this road for 11 miles and you will come to the railroad tracks near the same fork in the road described above. Bear left to cross the tracks, and follow the directions described above.

Put-in/Take-Out : The put in is located at the end of the dirt road. There is a small turn around here. The road is about 15-20' above the river here and in the winter, seal launches are very fun. For the take-out, there is a parking area right where the dirt road first comes down to the river. From this parking area there is about a 1/4 mile long trail that takes you down to a small beach at the end of the rapids.

Recommended Companion-Runs:
Menominee at Piers Gorge (13 miles distant), Menominee at Pemene (24 miles distant), Sturgeon at Sturgeon Dam (28 miles), Paint at Horserace Rapids (50 miles).

Rapid Descriptions


Gage Descriptions

Flow is regulated by upstream dams.
Offseason ("Ice") gauge conversions:
7.15 = 1320
7.31 = 1490
7.50 = 1720
8.00 = 2370
8.18 = 2620

Directions Description

Since this is pretty much a 'park-and-play', the shuttle is via foot (carry up). Use the text-entry field below to get directions from your home (or other starting location) to this spot.

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