Cooper Creek - Barker Camp Rd to Bowater Parking Lot

Cooper Creek, Tennessee, US


Barker Camp Rd to Bowater Parking Lot

Usual Difficulty IV-V+ (for normal flows)
Length 5 Miles


Photo of kelly v c by andy m

Gauge Information

Name Range Difficulty Updated Level
usgs-0356653019 -999.00 - unknown ft IV-V+ ft

River Description










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Rapid Descriptions

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February 23 2004 (5206 days ago)
From Clay Wright:

February 21 2004 (5208 days ago)
From Mark Cumnock:

Cooper Creek that runs into the North Chick is in our video Steep Creekin
February 28 2003 (5566 days ago)
clay wrightDetails
Hiking up 1/2 mi from N Chick (at 3" riverwide
ledge-hole normally snuck right) gives you the
last good drops. Most portage 'last temptation'
(right after the 15' falls called 'Lothor' ) due to
the f-up rock /seam before the last crack. Saw
Jimmy B and Pat K run it in playboats - one
smooth boof and one downstream flip but both
paddled away smiling.
December 20 2001 (6001 days ago)
From Tony Robinson on Boatertalk " New stick gauges were recently installed on Cooper and Cain
creeks. Last Sat. when Cain read 6" on the traditional gauge, the new gauge read 1.5'. This
gauge is located on a bridge over Cain 2 miles upstream. It is located 1/2 mile down a newly
graveled road on the right .9 miles past the Cooper creek bridge. There is a yellow sign
advertizing land for sale. If you pull down to the right, you don't even have to get out of the
truck. Six inches is a minimum level on Cain, so if you are concerned Cain is too low, check the
upper gauge first. Another use would be to know if Cain was too high before you hike all the way
down to the river and paddle down to the gauge and have to hike back out, but there is no info on
how a max level would coorelate. The new Cooper gauge is located at the Barker-Camp Road bridge.
Cooper was run last Fri. at 2.3' on this gauge, a reportedly beefy level(N. Chick was 3.6'). I'm
guessing 1.9 would be a good minimum level. Speaking from experience, the best way to run Cooper is
to not put in on Cooper, but rather to run Cain/Chick down to it at a big level then hike up the
last 1/4 mile of Cooper. Since all the good rapids are located in it's last 1/4 mile before
emptying into N.Chick, you get to do all of them plus Cain/Chick at a great level. The Cooper trail
starts at a large dead pine tree on river left 30 yards upstream of it's confluence with N. Chick.
The trail is on Cooper's right side and takes you to the top of upper Cooper Connection. It's a
rough trail, but clear. Gauges were also installed on Big Soddy, Falling Water, and Woodcock
creeks. The Big Soddy gauge is located on the Back Valley rd. bridge at the takeout. The Falling
Water gauge is on the first bridge upstream of old Hwy 27. The Woodcock gauge is on the first road
bridge upstream of Hwy. 127. There is no info yet on how these gauges coorelate to levels."

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