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Difficulty II-IV(V)
Length 1.5 Miles
Flow Range 800 - 10000 CFS
Flow Rate as of: 1 hour ago 230 [CFS] ℹ️
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River Description

There are two options for the put in on Wolf Creek. Either you can put in at the bridge on CR 49 or you can put in on the tiny side creek before that bridge. I personally recommend the side creek. The canyon is privately owned by several individuals. Ask for permission before parking.

Within a hundred yards the side creek has reached the first drop on Wolf Creek and you are set up to run that drop if you so wish. Otherwise you have about a 1/8-mile float down from the bridge, doing the occasional limbo under and thru the trees overhanging the stream.

The first waterfall on Wolf creek is by far the largest and most impressive drop. There are three obvious options here.

One is to run the falls. That has been done and the line is Âclean or at least the rocks are wet. Just try not to flip as the result is painful.

The second option is to carry down into the gorge inside the falls. This is really only possible if you access the river from the CR 49 bridge.

The third and easiest option is to carry around the falls. An easy access exists below the falls. Boaters who want to skip the whole experience just carry around on the left side of the falls to a big break in the canyon wall and essentially walk to the river below. This access is easier than the Suicide Section access on the Little River.

Portaging the falls on river right has been done, but is not recommended.

Below the falls the river pools up for a few yards and then drops almost non-stop for the next mile to the takeout. The takeout is only a short distance down the canyon but the 1.5-mile trip is still exciting. All of the rapids have been run on this river but there is always the chance of pinning in strainer or undercut.

Wolf creek was featured in Tales of the Paddlesnake and Steep Creeking videos.
Written by Will Reeves. Nov. 2002

The last half mile of the creek drops at a rate of 240 fpm.

Rapid Descriptions


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Robert Maxwell
15 years ago

Two years ago I painted a gage on the upstream river right wall of the County Road 47 culvert (take-out).

A well known paddler painted a gage on is culvert many many years ago. The gage has since faded and become overgrown to such an extent that even he has a hard time locating and reading the gage. On two occasions I was with him when Wolf was running, he had to make an educated guess on what his gage read, I quickly glanced at my very easy to read gage and it read about 10

Gage Descriptions

The gauge for Wolf creek is a funny thing. On what might have been the first decent long ago I ran this creek when the Little river canyon was at 400 cfs. Wolf Creek was fine at that level. On later trips I have seen Wolf dry when the canyon is running over a foot. So my gauge estimate of 800cfs is a minimum water guess. The best bet is just to look at Wolf and make you mind up at the put in.

Directions Description

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