Gauley - 6. Curtin Bridge to confluence with Persinger Creek

Gauley, West Virginia, US


6. Curtin Bridge to confluence with Persinger Creek (Crupperneck Section)

Usual Difficulty II-III(IV) (for normal flows)
Avg. Gradient 20 fpm
Max Gradient 40 fpm

Top Gauley 01

Top Gauley 01
Photo by John Petretich @ 1400 cfs

Gauge Information

Name Range Difficulty Updated Level
usgs-03189100 11.00 - 14.00 ft II-III(IV) 01h11m 13.06 ft (running)

River Description

Rapids were rated when the Craigsville gauge was between 11.5'(900 cfs) and 12.0'(1460cfs). These were based on the old feet/cfs conversion tables before the new bridge was put in at the confluence of the Cherry and Gauley. The current conversions are approximately: 10.5' (360 cfs), 11.0'(759 cfs), 12.0'(2135 cfs), 13.0'(4135 cfs), 14.0'(6580 cfs).

Alternative takeouts:

1. Panther Creek - 4.6 miles on river left, class II TO III-, 20'/mile gradient.

Panther Creek comes in on river left and may be reached from Curtin Bridge via WV 20&55 to Fenwick, then onto WV 39&20 to Panther Creek Road CR 39/15 which leads directly to the river at the former Marybill Mine site. The road that follows the river left side downstream of the Curtin Bridge is much shorter but does not save much (if any) shuttle time and is a private road.

2. One rapid beyond Ships Prow Rapid (IV-) - 6.6 miles river right, This additional mileage contains the steepest mile at 40'/mile gradient and contains several boulder congested rapids of Class III or greater difficulty.

Take out # 2 is on river right and may be reached from the Curtin Bridge (WV20&55) via the Crupperneck Road (CR 14), which deadends at a left turn onto CR 14/1) which leads to a fairly large flat area about 100 feet above river level. There is a road leading downstream of this flat area. Depending on whether this road is gated or blocked you may have a slight uphill carry for 1/2 mile back to the end of the public road at this large flat area. Note* Since the spring of 2000 these private roads have been gated or blocked. Since the winter of 2001/02 CR 14/1 has been impassable for the last 1/2 mile above the large flat area.

3. Mouth of Big Beaver Creek - 8.4 miles on river right. Although there is a marginal road down to the river immediately past Big Beaver Creek boaters should expect a one mile hike up to Nile Road - CR 8

4. Mouth of Persinger Creek - 12.4 miles on river right. To find this take-out go on WV 41 from Summersville toward Persinger. Take right on Nile Road - CR 8. Go 1.8 miles on Nile road and turn right in a sharp bend onto a gravel road that leads to the river at 1.2 miles below and at the mouth of Persinger Creek. This road looks sketchy from the top but is a solid so motorboats and their trailers can get to the WV DNR access point at the head of summer pool on Summersville Lake.

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Rapid Descriptions

icon of message No rapids entered. If you know names, and locations of the rapids please contact and advise the StreamTeam member for this run.

User Comments

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January 25 2005 (5075 days ago)
John PetretichDetails
Just a quick note...When Summersville Lake is at winter pool (usually between November and April)
there is current all the way to the Rt. 39 bridge. The section below Big Beaver Creek contains
small (class I-II) rapids and a mellow gradient. It makes for a nice long day and simple shuttle
June 28 2002 (6017 days ago)
Matt MuirDetails
Posted on 6/27/02 to the AW Massage Board:

I am unsure of how to get this on the AW site, but someone had asked for some info. The far takeout
on Crupperneck Road is still there, but to access it via Crupperneck Road one must negotiate some
2' diagonal washouts and one that is deep enough to fit an S-10 in, call this a class V. As for
making the shorter run of the top section of the Top Gauley. The road on river left, to my
knowledge, is public, although some cabin and property owners along this road may not like it. This
is proven by the large quantities of roofing nails strewn about the pull-off areas. We consider
ourselves locals (WV Tags) and last time we ran it in early June 2002, my buddy ended up with 2 in
one tire and 1 in another. So be on the lookout! The run is sweet, though, okay play down to 1000
cfs, but gets better as it goes up. At about 2000 cfs a honey of a wave hole thingy can be found on
river left about 5 miles down. We consider this the optimal level, and I usually cannot get anyone
off their lazy a@# to go if it is lower than that. A bonus is that I rarely see a person there. If
you opt for the whole run, be wary that a rapid uncharacteristic of the run lies waiting to munch
the unexpecting. Hope this helps.

Mike Vanderberg
June 16 2002 (6029 days ago)
John DukeDetails
I was there on sat
I take it the crupperneck 14-1 takeout is out( i looked at that road and turned around)
As for the river left road downstream of the 55/20 bridge we were told it was private (no signs) SO
we paddled nothing

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