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Difficulty III+
Length 6.5 Miles
Gauge N/A
Flow Range
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River Description

Put in on the South end of the Rte. 68 Bridge. There is a parking area and a trail leading down to the creek on a side road that turns off to the east at the end of the Bridge. Then hang on! The first two miles of the stream has a gradient close to 100 fpm. It really amounts to a continious Class-III rapid for the first two miles. It is very tight, technical and with few eddies large enough for more than one boat, and eddies that large are scarce. Trees are always a factor on this run, so watch out. Although nothing exceeds Class III in difficulty, it is very continuous. Self-rescue skills and a solid roll can prevent a lost boat and a long swim.

After the first two miles, the gradient eases a bit and the the creek becomes more pool and drop in nature. Several side streams have contributed water and the stream is double the size at the top. The action still is very quick, pools are short and some of the rapids long. There are at least two trees in the stream in this section that must be portaged, as of April 2000. Action continues all the way to the takeout.
This stream drops and rises very quickly. My opinion is that 2' at Alloway Bridge is needed for a decent run, 2.5 or 3 is better and optimum.
See also Lower White's Creek.


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david luinstra
5 years ago

4/11/2015 - ELF Level. After the recent Ice Storm, there are many of trees in the creek. We portaged 12 times. Some of these trees will move with a high water flow. Several trees are going to require a chainsaw flow to clear the channel.

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Simon Krzych
5 years ago

Sandy Creek: ~7 miles. 10/14/14 We put in on Allowy road were it crosses the creek, a nice land owner let us park in his yard (upstream river right side). The flow under the bridge was just enough to fill the small pipe holes on the up stream river left side. It was ideal flow. Flow picks up just after the putin with one confluence a quarter mile after the putin on river right and later Alloway creek also on river right. There are no major rapids or anything spectacular. Flat to start with then gets better, then flat, then better, then great after the confluence with whites. Lots of brush, lots of living strainers, and small class 2 and 3 rapids. Shuttle is easy (since the PI and TO are on the same road), ten minutes round trip. Crisler

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Allen Brown
16 years ago

Great fun watch out for trees! Has anyone run the Sandy Creek side of this yet? Looks like put in would be on Possum/Alloway Road & confluence w/ Whites about 3 miles below normal upper put in.

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Gage Descriptions

Gauge is located on the Possum Trot/Alloway Bridge. This is the putin for Lower White's Creek.

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