Hall's Creek - Shawhan Road to Hall's Creek Road

Hall's Creek, Ohio, US


Shawhan Road to Hall's Creek Road

Usual Difficulty III+(IV) (for normal flows)
Length 1.25 Miles
Avg. Gradient 120 fpm

Matt B on Hall's Creek

Matt B on Hall's Creek
Photo of Matt Bodecker by Tom Uhlman taken 05/13/02

River Description

A tributary of the Litle Miami, Hall's Creek drops nearly 150 ft in about a mile and a quarter. Due to the amount of rain it takes to get this one going, most paddlers only run the lower part of this creek, dropping about 60 feet in a half mile. It starts with a ledge in the 8-9 foot range on the main (or east fork) and a seven foot drop coming in on the west fork. Within a hundred yards, the next ledge appears, and there are several other rapids just below that one with some more big, riverwide, irregular ledges from 4 to 7 feet. At good water levels there are play spots at the end of some of these rapids. As soon as you go under the next bridge, the creek really flattens out.

Currently, there is a bad strainer downstream and around the bend below the bridge, so the bridge would be a good takeout. A hundred yards below the strainer is the Morrow-Milgrove Road bridge and then the confluence with the Little Miami.

Halls Creek is located on Halls Creek Road and empties into the Little Miami River on river right, about 1 mile west (downstream) of Morrow, Ohio, and 2 miles upstream of South Lebanon, Ohio. Morrow-Milgrove Road runs alongside the Little Miami River from South Lebanon to Morrow.

Parking is an issue at this creek. There are a minimum of parking spots, especially at the put-in. Please respect the local property owners land and nature preserve land.

The road runs right alongside of the creek (you can scout 80% of the main run from your car while running a shuttle), But
Alternate shuttle:
If you happen to be there at the right time, and want to run the upper section (which is actually the west fork, not the main fork), just follow Hall's Creek Road up the hill and turn left onto Shawhan Road. The put-in is ahead 3/4 mile on the West Fork of Hall's Creek. Watch out for strainers.
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Rapid Summary

Mile Rapid Name Class Features (Legend)
0.0Drainage areas:N/A
0.3East Fork FallsIII+Waterfall Photo
0.3West Fork FallsIII+Access Waterfall Photo

Rapid Descriptions

Drainage areas: (Class N/A)

W.Br. at put-in: 1.78 sq.mi.
W.Br. at confluence: 2.75 sq.mi.
Mainstem before confluence: 2.41 sq.mi.
Mainstem after confluence: 5.16 sq.mi.

East Fork Falls (Class III+, Mile 0.3)

Matt B on Hall's Creek

Matt B on Hall's Creek
Photo of Matt Bodecker by Tom Uhlman taken 05/13/02

West Fork Falls (Class III+, Mile 0.3)

West Fork Hall's Creek falls

West Fork Hall's Creek falls
Photo by Will Reeves taken 12/21/11 @ 700 cfs

This is an alterante access point/hike up falls.

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May 15 2014 (1712 days ago)
Marfolta (154716)
currently, there are too many strainers to run this creek, including one just below the falls.
May 12 2014 (1716 days ago)
Marfolta (154716)
The Locals aren't very friendly to kayakers. I checked with the Ohio DNR about running this nice
creek that runs through a Nature preserve to discover it's allowable if you put in before the
preserve - which is nearly impossible without trespassing. There is a nice wave where Halls Creek
runs into the Little Miami that you can play on. Best river level is from 5.5 - 6.5'
December 21 2011 (2589 days ago)
First a warning. The tunnel at Halls Creek Road has an absolutely lethal wire fence strainer so
don't boat into the tunnel when the flow is high. This creek takes a huge rain event to get enough
flow to boat. I've been here more than five times when it rained recently and had to get on one of
the other creeks. It is wroth checking out since the run is fun. If it is not quite high enough
check out the First Creek or Flat Fork on Caesar Creek. Both hold water a bit longer.